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sabato 8 novembre 2014

Mohammed VI: "Algeria is the main part in the conflict over the Sahara"

According to " Algérie Plus | L'info au + près
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has once again attacked in Algeria to discuss the situation in the Western Sahara during his speech Thursday night at the 39th anniversary of "Walk green. "

He, in this regard, said that "there is also necessary to reject certain complacency vis-à-vis the real party to the dispute, what Algeria, and attempts to exonerate its responsabilités3.

Mohamed VI is even argued that "without making its responsibility to Algeria as the main part in this conflict, there will be no solution" to the dispute over the Sahara.

The King of Morocco said there will be no stability in the region as there is not a "perception manager" of the tense security situation in the DRC.

For him, "it is no harm to Algeria or its management, or its people, to whom we pay the highest regard and utmost respect. Our words are weighed and their meaning is clear. "

Mohamed VI lamented that "whenever the truth is evoked by the Moroccan government, political parties and the Moroccan press are routinely accused of attacking Algeria."

He even accused Algeria to build on its wealth, "Oil and Gas" to open doors "in defiance of law and legality before concluding that Algeria lure believing" management of the Sahara will be directed by ambiguous technical reports or recommendations to reconcile the claims of all parties.

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