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sabato 8 novembre 2014

Shots of hatred against the president and his family

According to "Algé"
The national political scene is like nowadays, a real rat race where all the shots are allowed, while the regional context with which it shares a border with Algeria, West, South and East are high voltage, called under the responsibility of everyone.
Four men, President Bouteflika, his Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, head of the FLN Amar Saadani, and more recently DGN, Abdelghani Hamel, subject to recurrent attacks. It 'was President Bouteflika, who continues to be the subject of a systematic attack and the opposition, who openly, but also occult circles, some of which are within the same system.
President Bouteflika had undergone initial save power before declaring a candidate for a fourth term. The purpose of this barrier was only to deter. The selected angles of attack to weaken: his health, his political and economic situation, the interference of the younger brother said in the business world. Note, incidentally, that after the arrival of Ahmed Ouyahia as Chief of Staff to the President, said Bouteflika is no longer the "only" newspaper.
But many critics and shots of Jarnac have not done due to the resolution of President Bouteflika to run for a fourth term. His re-election in the form of a referendum is not, however, disarmed his opponents that have recently doubled its ferocity. The argument for once, this is the "institutional paralysis" and "vacancy of the presidency."
The men of the "fifth column"
If the opposition parties openly accept their criticism of the president, even in demanding a transition period, the demand CNLTD; the men of the "fifth column", in which concern them, prefer to draw the curtains. Who are they, then? System "big arm" that would not have swallowed the bitter pill of the restructuring of the security services made last summer by President Bouteflika, others hidden in the system to sharpen the teeth in case ... and much more adept at keeping midstream.
This would explain, presumably, the return to Bouteflika, getting these days the ambassadors who were waiting to be officially accredited in Algeria. One way to challenge those who cry the power vacuum. We are seeing a kind of union of two fronts against the president must demonstrate that holds the joystick as well.
The second objective is Abdelmalek Sellal. After his appointment as Prime Minister, as the oven and the mill, his opponents have not spared. Y also realized by former ministers who were with him in the government Ouyahia, covers him little praise. He was given a trial "political immaturity" as critics also his propensity to beat.
Recall the virulent campaign against him after the joke he had with a member of the Aures, at the time of the election. Sellal, always with the confidence of the president, was out of this turmoil, then you could have a crash. But that does not mean the end of his problems.
Since the discontent of the police, the machine is left voice. It is said as he pulled the knife with the Minister of the Interior. It is also said that some ministers, departments sovereign snob, preferring to report directly to the president. Sneaky, no doubt to suggest that the Prime Minister has no authority and it would be a sort of "Khodra Foug Aacha."
The third character is the subject of a campaign of destabilization is Amar Saadani. It definitely pays the projections against the DRS. His opponents inside the FLN are invited to deliver. I am very far from having abandoned the déquiller FLN leadership. The battle will rage even more in the coming days with the join between the elements Belayat and supporters Belkhadem, whatever it is now dead, the story to forget.
This week, a number of parliamentarians, which had been well-behaved decided to kick over the traces, demanding the departure of Saadani. A socket for the slightest problem for him while he was still on the arms deal of Kasma Batna, where, on the occasion of the appointment of the new Mohafedh close to the party leadership, chairs were flying based on the feedback that we have reached far Aures.
The fourth objective is to DGN. The mutiny of the police, was the author of a sordid plot, the stale. Police Complaints socio-professional, also legitimate, have been managed by the Ministry of the Interior to weaken the general Hamel. It is not seeing signs of incidental prevented the slogan "Hamel emerges." And it is no coincidence that the name of the head of security of the wilaya of Algiers is sung by mutinous officers. Of course, the interior minister, would not be entirely foreign to the anti carrier Hamel protest serious danger to the republic.
In light of the above, one thing is obvious, indicating that the stability of the country seems to be the last concern of these critics when we are only 10% of the presidential term.

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