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domenica 9 novembre 2014

New Symbol "Made in Algeria" will cost about 20% less expensive than imported

According to "Algeria"
Compared with the same model imported, the new Renault Symbol comes out of the new assembly line of the French manufacturer, based in Oued Tlélat (Oran), will cost about 20% less for cheaper petrol version and 5% for the diesel.
According to reliable sources, the prices of both versions installed at the plant in Oran, namely the Dynamic 1.2 petrol (75 Horses) and Dynamic Diesel 1.5 (80 Horses) will be respectively 1,039,000 and 1,320,000 DA DA , against 1228 000 DA for Dynamic imported gasoline and 1,401,000 dinars for Dynamic Diesel imported. Is nearly 20% less for the first and 5% less for the second.
Good price considering the still low level of integration, not exceeding 12% and staffing of this "first Renault Algeria" a gimmick that will fade "all options" imported by GPS. Symbol made in Algeria and intended only for the Algerian market which will be officially launched on Monday by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal in the presence of Renault boss Carlos Ghosn, the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius and the economy Emmanuel Macron should be marketed from 1 January 2015.
The return credit car
The French manufacturer that sells in Algeria between 40,000 and 50,000 cars per year all models, and relies on the recovery of consumer credit for post 25000 New Symbol to get each year from the Oran plant. The production of this factory would be limited indeed not solely Symbol of segment A (all options), but it is expected to triple, or 75,000 cars per year, with the launch of the assembly in a second stage of other versions of Symbol less equipped than the former. Production that far exceeds the current market share of the diamond brand in Algeria.
If the principle of this new product include in the list of national products to be covered by the consumer credit despite the fact that it is not integrated to 40% as required by law, and at the for facilities granted to the french manufacturer in the negotiations for the installation of its plant in Algeria, Renault would eventually be called on to distribute its sales network internationally.

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