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domenica 23 novembre 2014

According to Andi Dg, Turkey has invested $ 2.9 billion in Algeria

According to " Algeria"
Turkish investments have surpassed 2.9 billion, including $ 2 billion in the industrial sector, which Turkey is second in terms of foreign direct investment in our country, has given us the Director General national Agency of investment Development (ANDI), Abdelkrim Mansouri.
On the sidelines of the Algerian-Turkish business forum held on the occasion of the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Algeria, Abdelkrim Mansouri stressed that economic relations between the two countries are very healthy. "The Turkish investment in Algeria has in recent years a very remarkable achievement," said he said, adding that these investments have enabled the creation of 23,000 new jobs.
He cited, as an example, the steel of Turkish society Algerian law Tosyali Iron and Steel, which is considered the largest private steel plant in Algeria. The plant, completed after 19 months of work and an investment of $ 750 million, was used in the initial phase, 1,000 people including 550 Algerians. Its annual production capacity of 1,250,000 tons of steel products.
Mohamed Laid Benamor, president of the CACI, called, for its part, the Turkish businessmen to invest more particularly in the industrial sector. "It's time to enjoy the benefits that grant Algeria in this area and take advantage of investment opportunities and partnerships", especially the development of the industry, he says, is a major priority in the 2015 2019 the five-year program.
Ömer Vardan Cihad, chairman of the board of the Turkish employer organization DEIK, said that having 250 Turkish businessmen in Algeria reflects the will of our country to strengthen our investment in Algeria, especially in the BTPH, the agribusiness and hydrocarbons. He also says that "a free trade agreement and the lifting of some banking constraints and in relation to the visa may give new impetus to our economic relations."
Selon le Dg de l’Andi, La Turquie a investi 2,9 milliards de dollars en Algérie

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