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domenica 30 novembre 2014

El Hadj Francis and charlatans algeria, God will know his

According to "Le soir Algé"
In Brussels - Strasbourg, Pope Francis defended more Muslims than any charlatan from us. God will know his own.
We can not tolerate the Mediterranean becomes a large cemetery "(Pope François).
Faced euro-parliamentary captured by the courage of the Vatican, Pope Francis Argentine experiencing a "tip" of the misery of the world, gave a political speech, very political.
Brussels-Strasbourg MEPs were ultimately called to order ... European. It 'true that Europe is a construction born of Franco-German rapprochement as economic, steel wedding two neighbors of the Rhine, the Berlin-Paris axis institutional was the first foundation of the European Union.
However, Europe is also and mostly Christian idea. Pope intelligently above. The values that the Old Continent sells internationally are a mix between the good books of the Bible - the Bibles- and achievements of the citizens. Equality, independence of the judiciary, the fight against all forms of discrimination, freedom, equality recognized equality, equal man's wife or vice versa ...
It is no coincidence that Europeans most enthusiastic fierce, are those Christian social movements, Christian Democrats, Liberals Christians. Eurosceptics designate under the name of "federalists" who sacrifice the sovereignty of power to Brussels.
However, in recent years the European Union has evolved from "values". The mandates, long and poor, the former president of the Commission, the Portuguese Barroso the European dream turned into a nightmare.
From a humanistic ideal, the European Union has become, under the onslaught of the markets and of an "elite grateful to the Stock Exchange", an inner sanctum. Heavy defend, undrinkable, not orderable. It happened more than once, rather than, as the Commissioners positions appear openly to the limit of what is accepted in the founding treaties.
Immigration is the area in which he talked more, the feeling most unjust, dirtiest and most despicable human beings: the exclusion of the other, the barrier against the aggressor, the 'African, Arabic, Levantine and also against the Romanian, Bulgarian or Polish. Schengen, a free trade area between the EU 28 regularly cut, caught, sometimes trampled.
Deportation of Roma home from France, while they are "at home", in France, Romania is a full member of the Union ... Who annoying and discriminate poor illegal arrival of other banks of the Sea of Ulysses ...
Since Barroso, all devices in the Mediterranean were tough, police, military, the renunciation of the "values" ... Frontex, Marnostrum since replaced by another mechanism more contraignant.Le Pope Francis spoke to put some 'order in mission 28, very bumpy and very morally degraded.
Nothing to do with our chouyoukhs and talkative in the name of Islam. And no TV Algerian imam took the floor to denounce the fate of the Malians, the Syrians and other Africans who had the trouble, the other after they have left their country to seek refuge in Algeria. These junk ulema and opportunism also ignore the racist writings of some citizens or journalists for these population groups. The words "Kahlouche", "Ebolien" (refer to sub-Saharan) or "Tlalba smiled TAA" (beggars of Syria) ...
Nothing, and Chemsou Hamadache always look elsewhere, not to wear the veil, dress clothes girls, sips of whiskey or beer mugs that are summed Algerian Agériens or not eating.
Greetings Pope, discussed on the reception of migrants, many of them Muslims, died in harraga Mediterranean, reception centers for refugees. François Vatican has defended Islam more than charlatans from us.
The great men of the Mediterranean had to appreciate. On Ulysses Guerrouabi through Ibn Arabi, Mustapha Lacheraf, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Khafaja, Kateb Yacine Mohamed Darwish Didouche Mourad, Fadéla OF Ziria, Jean Ferrat, Louis Aragon or Pippin Oranaise.
El hadj François et les charlatans algériens, Dieu reconnaîtra les siens
Pope Francis.

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