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giovedì 27 novembre 2014

Sale of the assets of Italian steel Luchini: The selection of moderation Rebrab

According to " Algeria"
The private industrial group Algerian Cevital submitted the best bid for the recovery dell'aciaieria Italian Lucchini Piombino which is maintained by the way, said Tuesday the president of the Tuscany Region (central-west of Italy), Enrico Rossi before the second offer of Indian JSW Group, the Italian newspaper the Nation.
For him "what specifically characterizes the offer of Algeria is its Mediterranean projection, which restores all of Italy, its industry and its gates in their vocation."
Similarly, in the statement issued by the management of the factory, it is stated that "'Cevital present more favorable conditions than the competitor is in the interest of credits, both in terms of the social impact of the plan, which provides stable employment for all staff of Piombino, with the resumption of steel production and with important elements of diversification in the fields branches and logistics and covers a wider range. "
For its part, Issad Rebrab indicated that this recovery plan system includes more than 400 million investment, of which 120 in 2015.
Cevital also plans to open two electric ovens and a new plant (in addition to the two already existing) to reach a capacity of 2 million tons per year.

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