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venerdì 18 dicembre 2015

13 Moroccans network of drug trafficking dismantled in the west of Algeria

d-trois-reseaux-de-trafic-de-drogue-demanteles-5de03.jpgServices of the National Gendarmerie dismantled in less than a month thirteen networks of international drug trafficking from neighboring countries (Morocco) in separate transactions interspersed with a global strike of nearly 5 tons of hashish treated, said on Wednesday the first part of the second command Regional National Police based in Oran.
Morocco, Algeria floods the drug. And 'the least we can say, given the number of seizures made by the Algerian security services. No fewer than 17 cases of international trafficking of hashish from Morocco treated were treated in different regions of western Algeria during the period from 18 November to 12 December in progress, including nine conducted in coordination with the services of the Regional Security Army ( DRSA) under the 2nd Military Region, said General Tahar Othmani said at a press conference.
These transactions are classified as "serious", they led to the arrest of 61 people in activating networks of organized crime and the identification of 16 other accomplices who remain at large. Between drug traffickers arrested, six barons of international trafficking of hashish were treated of harm's way. These were the subject of research, which involved as leaders of networks responsible for trafficking large quantities of drugs foiled attempts, the same official said, adding that four other barons are on the run.
These operations resulted in the seizure of equipment for the transport of drugs, or 4 trucks and 40 light vehicles in more than 106 mobile phones and 188 chip phone, some Moroccans. In addition, more than 26 million DA were seized, has yet published.
Drug smuggling attempts were foiled in various locations in western Canada, some near the western tip of the border and other Oran, Tlemcen, Mascara, Ain Témouchent, Tiaret and Relizane Sidi Bel -Abbes, the general said Othmani, noting that some cases had treated needs the extension of the jurisdiction of other wilayas across the country.
Drug trafficking phenomenon known recently of "continuous change", said the regional commander of the GN, suggesting a course of treatment in the case involving the discovery of a large quantity of hashish treated within the College in the far west of the country.
The same official also drew attention to the magnitude of traffic psychotropic tablets, introduced in Algeria through the western borders, in particular type (MDMA), known for its severe impact on the physical and mental health of man.
"Drug traffickers are using new tricks to deliver drugs of all kinds in Algeria, in order to catch up with their huge losses due to the draconian measures adopted in the fight against drug trafficking and the noose tight at land borders, marked by security measures, operational field and geographical structures, updated periodically and when necessary, "he said.
General Othmani invited members of civil society to increase prevention and awareness campaigns on the dangers arising from the sale and consumption of drugs, noting that Algeria is threatened by this phenomenon especially with the will of drug traffickers increase the activity of Traffic kif treaties, particularly during this period of collection of cannabis.
International relations had revealed that Morocco is the world's leading producer of cannabis, reserving more than 134,000 hectares of its land to the cultivation of these plants and produce an output of about 3,080 tons of hashish annually treated.
We have the will of the authorities of the Moroccan monarchy let drug dealers? Difficult to move forward with a firmly but when you see industrial quantities of drugs introduced from the western borders on Algerian territory there is nothing to worry seriously. Almost 90 tons of cannabis resin seized in the first 10 months of 2015. What happens in the Algerian market? The question remains open.

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