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giovedì 10 dicembre 2015

Violations of human rights in Algeria, the black board in 2015

2014-emeute47_580948439.jpgThe Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights released its report on human rights in the country
As part of the 67th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) submit an annual report on the state of human rights in Algeria in 2015 in Algeria, the least we can say is that the report prepared by Houari Kaddour national secretary responsible for specialized files LADDH is dramatic and overwhelming!
The system Algerian wanted to maintain the illusion of a change in which reality is marked by continuity in the repression, violations of civil liberties and human rights. Algerian and Algerian demand their rights as well as civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights are subject to discrimination, arrests. From 10 December 2014 to 7 December 2015, the social demands are more and more numerous and important demonstrations to demand better living conditions.
Preferably, and the right to political equality
Faced with the formal equality proclaimed by law, a real inequality that we see in practice in daily life, not only for reasons of sex, but also economic, social, regional and politique.nL'accès in law, means to know and understand the rights recognized by law, it also refers to the full exercise of citizenship by all sectors of the community, the effective exercise of citizenship concerns the effective participation in the creation of standards and amendments to those existent.nComment we can in fact act like citizens when in fact some of the millions of unemployed; Without housing, the excluded.
Local sustainable development
Citizens in rural areas, as reported, has benefited very little of the strengths of development in Algeria to say that did not see coming at all these huge sums that have been spent on projects which are limited to build equipment embellishments, in most cases and in divergent paths of achievement from country to country.
According to various studies conducted on poverty in Algeria they have shown that 70% of the poor reside in rural areas. Overall, poverty strikes twice rural and urban areas. In terms of initiatives in the public interest for citizens, public facilities such as health, education and other programs of suitable habitat, the Chélifiens these results have not been recipients to date, it continues to suffer the pangs the thorny problem of housing. And what is amazing is that an amusement park under construction has reached the astronomical cost exceeding one thousand units, while the rest of the vital equipment, such as health, education, housing hard, etc., are in priority need large financial contributions in order to alleviate the pressing needs required by the public service for the benefit of the citizen
The National fCome the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights Office (LADDH), noted the expansion of the phenomenon of sprawling bureaucracy, to the point that the city spends most of his time in front of shops administrative for the realization that large files often cause discomfort and depression due to the constant back and forth from town halls services daïras, wilayas ... etc.
This to the extent that observers believe that the withdrawal process paperwork for the creation of records in Algeria, has become a serious problem that requires a period of approximately one month to resolve the issue. Especially in the presence of director bureaucracy feels the administration, citizens heard no more of these bureaucrats to face, and which it seeks an interpretation, "incomplete file", "the director is absent" "come back tomorrow", etc.
The Feil corruption continues to gnaw on the functioning of the state and much of society. Has taken in recent times, alarming proportions, there is currently no institution that escapes the phenomenon of corruption and the squandering of public funds. The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) has detected numerous anomalies that compromise the Algerian law and favor the persistence rights-pass and other tricks in the universe, LADDH provides some examples, among others
- Nearly 74% of employees hired through the piston or of corruption according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
- Abnormalities of Presidential Decree No 10- 236 of October 7, 2010, amended and supplemented, on the regulation of public procurement, in particular Article 27.
In this context it has become a major obstacle that prevents citizens to enjoy their rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and its right to sviluppo.nomeno bureaucratic corruption.
LADDH believes that the fight against this scourge requires more resources than those available to the organizations and institutions for this purpose. LADDH request to the authorities the revision of the legislation on the establishment of the body to prevent and combat corruption in order to broaden its expertise and strengthen its capacity, in particular by giving much greater powers to combat this phenomenon.
The right of assembly and demonstration
As for the right of assembly and demonstration, the Office noted that during the year various events were banned and many other repressed sometimes resort to detention of protesters. Among these, for example, the event:
Dozens of young people gathered Sunday in Algiers before Parliament to denounce their precarious work were beaten by police and seven of them were arrested, according to the head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Forces Front (FFS Ahmed Betatache. Who claims to have suffered same fate.
Two militants, Tedjani Darech and Adel Ben Ayash, has not been seen since Sunday, November 15, 2015, after presenting at the police headquarters in Algiers to accompany a fellow named. The day before their disappearance, Saturday, November 14, the two activists had participated in a peaceful demonstration in front of the house of the press as a support for the journalist Hassan Bourass arbitrarily detained since October 4, 2015.
tens of brigades of riot police intervened in force Tuesday, February 24, 2015 against the opposition leaders who wanted to protest in Algiers against the exploitation of shale gas, where demonstrations are prohibited
The movements of popular protest
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) has made repeated protests of citizens in various parts of Algeria expressing fed up with their miserable living conditions that continue to worse. Especially in remote rural areas, where people are fighting with all the means that cost him to ensure its survival and its right to benefit from the implications of local development, knowing that he is deprived of basic necessities worth as water, gas, communications and adequate roads, this without mentioning the fact that the young fringe has no ability to work, training, promotion and anything that can help them make a social situation, build a house, etc.
Today the social and economic situation regarding the various categories of citizens in our country is characterized by glaring discrepancies. Therefore, the level of the employees of the middle class and the less privileged layers of the unemployed continues to deprive worse, among others, the events of purchasing power. While their faces a limited category of privileged hedonists living in opulence showy some aspects extremely wasteful and immoral public morality. While the erosion of purchasing power imposed by the lobbies of these citizens continues to worsen, while workers' wages are not enough, long enough, to properly deal with the basic needs of large sections of society chélifienne. Requiring urgent and appropriate to take action that can reduce this profound socio-economic gap and liquidate various forms of poverty, marginalization and exclusion.
The phenomenon of suicide
Moreover, the phenomenon of suicide has reached alarming proportions in Algeria, especially in the year 2014/2015 where his act is dangerously spread in a way that horrible than 1,000 cases among young layers. These passing the act, often plagued by depression, feelings of failure and self-devaluation, among others, that prevent problems lucidly consider ways of their resolution benefits or overwhelming discomfort exacerbated by social exclusion, repression bureaucratic, then the feeling of "hogra" experience, etc.
Crime and theft takes a threatening scale in an unequal society
In terms of security of citizens, the national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH), draws attention to the growing crime that has been a disturbing increase in offenses murders and thefts that have multiplied terrifying in the various regions Algeria. Raising fears that the situation in our country has been characterized in this relatively quiet, he found himself immersed in a spiral of violence very worrying offender. The latter resulting from unemployment rates skyrocketing among youthful levels, not to mention the many beneficiaries of depraved "abundant number of measures of grace" in many circumstances.
According to experts the daily violence of the Algerian cabinet with an average of 700 crimes a day. While evidence shows that most of the crimes committed in Algeria are the work of prisoners, which tends to favor some criminals to commit an offense in the series despite being arrested and released many times.
Increased drug trafficking and illegal outlets of alcoholic drinks:
In addition, the National Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights Office (LADDH), draws attention to the growth in different regions of Algeria points illegal sale of alcoholic beverages in places became known and where the spreading scourge of drugs, prostitution, etc. , according to official figures announced by the national fight against drugs and drug (Office ONLDT), he says in the first nine months of 2015 were seized about 89 tons of cannabis resin and also noted the seizure of 395.346 tablets of different manufacturers psychotropic substances, and the arrest of 18 190 people, including 79 foreigners
Abolition of the death penalty
The death penalty is still contained in the penal code, and the judges pronounce death sentences, only executions have taken place since the end of 1993, although the 1996 constitution Algeria does not face the death penalty but said in its article 156 that "The High Council of Magistracy gives a prior consultative opinion to the exercise of the right of pardon by the President of the Republic. LADDH is aware that the right to life is sacred and pronounce judgment and LADDH believes that the penalty death is degrading treatment, unfair and incompatible with human rights unfair and incompatible with fundamental human rights.
LADDH notes with great regret that the Algerian government does nothing to meet the commitment taken with the signing of the resolution 65/206 of 21.12.2010 of the General of the United Nations to address the issue. Worse it was passive with respect to pressure from lobby groups favorable to a return of the execution of the death penalty. LADDH demand the immediate cessation of all death sentences and to mobilize in favor of abolition of the death penalty
The right to housing
The social housing policy that the state tries through it to alleviate the crisis in the industry, has not diminished its scope because it was not up to expectations and protesters were such claims, not to mention the mafia predominant real estate in this context . And when the phenomenon of uncontrolled construction has grown through the lobby of transportation disadvantaged people for the purpose of business operations and continue to turn without the authorities involved to eradicate this scourge.
So much so that the extension of these uncontrolled construction of the country, raising doubts about their illicit proliferation more so that some individuals are masters in the appropriation of public property and theft, as well as, of private land and the construction of their buildings without permits authorities legal, as opposed to the laws in use.
The right to health
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) criticized the anarchic management in this area and what results as a total lack of accurate statistical assessments of health needs.
Just as the national office LADDH noted the weakness of the financing of public health and a relative increase in spending for medical care Algerian families, disbursements of around 48% of social spending to support the treatment health. This is due to the failure of the device health and public services related to prevention in this context in which treatment costs are extremely expensive for the humble people of modest means. While in parallel, the situation in hospitals is poor given the lack of specialists, with appropriate logistics, higher treatment costs and the lack of medicines, without mentioning the inconsistencies in the financial management of health centers and treatment rooms.
Children's rights
Although Algeria has signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its two protocols attached, it is clear that the situation has deteriorated further including child alkaloids consumption, sexual assaults on children and their exploitation in the workplace. As the national office of the LADDH deplores some overruns attentant children's rights, emphasizing among other things:
victims of sexual abuse cases identified in 1800
5,580 cases of violence and ill-treatment in the same year.
more than 25,000 children are exposed to crime, drugs and begging, adding that over 45,000 children were born in Algeria "X"
and other working children. 300-550000
Malnutrition causes increased mortality among children, 174,000 children died in 2014 against 168,000 in 2013, in addition to more than 470,000 children with growth failure
Gender issues
Gender equality and good governance, they can not be stolen while the general participation of women in public and economic life in Algeria remains in deca role that should have been his, in the absence of any will to integrate women in development as associations of actors and beneficiaries .According Algerian women
Violence Violence against women is among the major national concerns of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights Office (LADDH), it fits straight women and denounces claims by all appropriate means, the violation of these rights and called for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. In this context, the majority of abused women do not report it or assaulted, close silence fatalistic.
The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) gave impressive numbers about the scale of the phenomenon. More than 7375 cases of violence against women, including 5350 cases were recorded during the first nine months 2015
Workers' rights
As in previous years, 2015 has seen social disruption with numerous strikes recorded in the number of institutions in the public and parapublic, disputes are erecting especially against ignorance and denial of political rights displayed by the strikers of the government to their demands . As for the adoption of inadmissibility against these claims in formal contradiction with what the law requires, in this context, in terms of trade union freedoms and the occultation of the acquired rights of workers, some examples from dozens of examples the national office the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH), recorded in 2015, for example:
- Strike of Education (teachers and workers)
- Strike paratroopers doctors
- Strike of security guards
- Strike of workers NAFTAL
- Position of Algeria Workers Strike
- Strike of workers El Hadjar
- Strike of workers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Workers Colaital strike in Algiers
On the other hand, the huge share of gross violations of workers' rights is registered in the private sector, where they are deprived of their most basic rights (work record card, the threshold wages, membership of funds social insurance, determines working hours, weekly and annual leave, etc.). Added to that the number of unfair dismissal of workers and putting them in collective unemployment and illegal closures of productive enterprises, without notice any excess with the unacceptable criminalization of the exercise of the right to freedom of association.
The rights of the disabled
The disabled population in Algeria has reached about 04 million seconds associations of disabled people, but the official figure is more than 02 million disabled people, broken down as follows: 284 073 physically disabled, mentally disabled 167,331, 173,362 blind, deaf and multiple disabilities 73937 85611. etc .. The disabled are thus part of everyday life, but in Algeria belong to the chiaroscuro of our company, its margins and shadows of indifference.
Algerian society and lives in ignorance of his disability. They are there, but we do not see them. Or do not you want to see them. Disabled people of working age are several times more likely to be unemployed than people without disabilities. This is due not only discrimination but also the inability or bad thanks to adapt practices and workplaces.
Besides the national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) as of December 3, 2015, he heckled all, encourages us to become aware of the situation of our fellow citizens who are suffering, and that fate has condemned to live without one of the movements sensory, visual, mental or whose people enjoy full-bodied.
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH), aware that most people with disabilities are able to access to buildings, leisure and freedom of movement. The facts on the ground in our country has shown that disabled people do not enjoy all the rights that Algerian citizens (iennes) without disabilities take for granted and that disabled people, their mates / companions and their families suffer from discrimination in all aspects of their lives. The declaration applies to all groups of people with disabilities, people with physical disabilities (including hidden disabilities such as epilepsy), sensory impairments (eg, hearing impaired, visually impaired and people with reduced vision), or 'learning difficulties . It 'important to emphasize that a comprehensive approach to disability policy is necessary, can not be compartmentalized.
The right to a healthy environment

The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) believe that the environment, in this statement, is not only considered as the set of natural and artificial elements that surround and influence the Algerian society. There is mostly defined as an environment in which the human being is evolving as all living species that share its living environment.
While the deterioration of the environment in Algeria that cost $ 1700000000 a year, or 3.6 percent of GDP.
Among the causes of this situation: "The works of galvanizing, chemical, paper industries, oil industries and medical industries with emissions of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and organic substances, the extraction of 10 million cubic meters of sand in the last 10 years, the dredging 20 million cubic meters of soil from 18 ports and overfishing has caused the erosion of 250-300 km range.
The rights of the Amazigh culture and language
The rights of the Amazigh culture and language have been important developments in Algeria, however, this result remains below expectations due to delays in the promotion, dissemination and large-scale intensification of the heritage of all Algerians, but stumbles into obstacles due the policies pursued so far promising speeches contradict the facts on the ground.
The Missing
The families of the missing live desperate waiting, tired of this question, but can not give up hope for the return of losing .Some families suffer this for over ten years. The conflicting information they receive aggravate this painful situation, the LADDH, believes that the treatment of families and constituted a moral torture
The phenomenon of suicide
Moreover, the phenomenon of suicide has reached alarming proportions in Algeria, especially in 2015, during which his act has dangerously spread a horrible way to 1,000 cases between layers of about 75% of young people under 25 years. These passing the act, often plagued by depression, feelings of failure and self-devaluation, among others, that prevent problems lucidly consider ways of their resolution benefits or overwhelming discomfort exacerbated by social exclusion, repression bureaucratic sentiment
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) convinced that any policy of restriction in this sense does not have humanitarian reasons and at worst hit groups of people who need it the most practical solutions to the gaps and disparities development who live daily in the southern Mediterranean.
Lack of opportunities, instability, unemployment and poverty encourage some people to leave their countries in the southern Mediterranean. The restrictions for issuing visas force to seek illegal means to enter Europe. The conditions in which these people move clandestinely from Africa to Europe are frightening and can not improve unless some action is taken quickly. Member States of the Council of Europe must remember that emigration is a fundamental human right, and prepare accordingly to accept the phenomenon of migration stable and sustainable and to regularize the situation of illegal migrants. Besides LADDH feel alone in the field with no means of facing this influx of immigrants to Europe after the agency control of European borders more than 3150 Algerian stop to 06 European borders during the last months of 2015
As also it noted that European states suppress Algerian nationals more than 1,259 people; among these people came back, LADDH has followed the case closely as the record of thirteen Algerian tourists (12 men and one woman) were in custody in a prison in Malta has launched a cry of anguish April 24, 2015 Mr. Houari Kaddour Secretary National files LADDH for specialized help. Algerian nationals were arrested Thursday morning at their descent from Malta Air which ensured the flight Algiers-Valletta. Inmates from different cities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Algiers, Blida, Medea, Boumerdes, Batna, Constantine, Setif and Oum El-Bouaghi) no longer know where to turn, despite their possession of visas.
Similarly LADDH also reports that European states made it 3217 Algerian deportation and 636 were extradited Algerian force despite the ruling of justice, for example if the LADDH follow closely the case of lawns, c is that the February 27, 2015 French authorities have arbitrarily expelled an Algerian "AAM" National 39, married with two children, although the conditions were not met, the question used remedies against deportation under the laws in force in France and has also asked the European Court Human Rights. The latter took his share of the French authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informing recipients to be the case and asking them not to take any action against him. Nevertheless, the authorities have implemented hexagonal their arbitrary decision to deport Algerian nationals, the same day a letter was received by the European Court, and that, in order to deny responsibility before it.
Immigration Sub-Saharan Africa
Although it continues to grow, immigration Saharan Africa "illegal" that gives our national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) a major concern, despite the few resources available to our office, but with the will and conviction helps to start, immediately, in an action of active support to these immigrants.
This attraction has done almost every day Algérie recorded the arrival of new foreign nationals in an irregular situation about 50,000 sub-Saharan illegal immigrants. To prepare for their transition to the northern shore of the Mediterranean, are involved, some of them, selling amulets ,, another moonlighting as laborers in many projects, but unfortunately engage in all kinds of traffic, including prostitution, forgery and the use of forgery and concealment of counterfeit money. That said, for many illegal immigrants is a step that sometimes extends indefinitely in the absence of sufficient resources to go beyond their dreams.
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) activists denounced some nicknames or false human rights activists have recently called to the Presidency of the Republic at the end of the Algerian border flows of irregular migrants and calls for the banning of the Algerian soil for each African migrant and the expulsion and deportation of all those who are in an irregular situation.
these false human rights activist forget that all migrants should enjoy rights that must be respected and that the general rule is that these rights should be guaranteed without discrimination between citizens and foreigners. And that if the states are free to take measures to control the entry of foreigners and prevent border clandestinely, these measures should in no way be incompatible with human rights. Their obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under Articles 9 and 13, which state that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile
Persecution of human rights defenders
Criminal proceedings will continue to be available against the human rights activists who speak on the human rights situation in Algeria.

These causes are facilitated by a climate in which the promotion and protection of human rights are too often seen as subversive activities, such as the detainee Hassan Bouras and dozens of other human rights defenders.
Fostering a culture of human rights
The national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) clearly states that the spread of the culture of human rights among citizens Algeriens company requires more awareness and awakening the vital question of the rights and freedoms that the Constitution and conventions International sanctioned.
The issue of human rights is a harmonious collection of related data and complementary, ignorance of one aspect of this complex unit inevitably be reflected negatively on the rights and freedoms that should be guaranteed to all members of society equally. This implies that the right of the individual exercising his freedom is largely a legal fact which imposes a duty of respect for the rights and freedoms of others mutual.
Repressive legislation of opponents of the Algerian authorities
Algeria is, thank God, has a fairly vibrant civil society and an independent press honorable but despite this, the authorities with the use of procedures of Justice, has used repressive legislation to punish opponents pacifists. And taking in particular to those who break the taboo of criticism of the authorities. So the decline in human rights in Algeria became clear evidence in 2015, the government body based on an arsenal of repressive laws sanctioning prison charged with "propaganda speech" or state institutions "intrusive", maliciously hidden since the shortcomings of local authorities deviationist and central.
We can therefore conclude that the current state of things, which can accommodate governance, let alone good governance, as a result of the above, the national office of the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) highlights:
- Its total disapproval of the state is now the degrading situation of human rights in Algeria.
- Its full solidarity with the militant activities of the various working groups and support their legitimate demands fair
- Its strong condemnation of the violence that has become common in a social environment and its active solidarity with the victims.
- The total rejection and indignation of scandalous practices of corruption and blooms all carriers and agents of social ills plaguing attentant morality and depravity threatening the younger generation of our country and reconstruction worth looking multidimensional promotional projects in order to update more or less equitable , in step with the evolution of other wilayas and sovereign countries of Algeria.
P / National Office
National Secretary for special reports.
Houari Kaddour

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