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giovedì 10 dicembre 2015

Foiled terrorist attack against the Church of St. Augustine

Risultati immagini per immagini della chiesa S. Agostino di AnnabaRisultati immagini per immagini della chiesa S. Agostino di Annaba
The church of St. Augustine Annaba (Algeria) ...

A terrorist was planning to attack the Church of St. Augustine to Annaba.
A terrorist attack was foiled against Christian places of worship in the city Annaba coastal height with an element of police who suspected an individual process went on and around the church, which pushed asked his cards, in a panic, the suspected terrorist has fled to a place called Tabcoop and then headed for the wooded area around the basilica.
An alert has been decreed by the city authorities, calling several different units of security forces to create a security stringing and stop the terrorist plot.
The security services surrounded the terrorist who threatened to blow up the church, with air cover for a military helicopter flew over the area for several hours.
In parallel with the operation to neutralize the terrorists in the area of ​​the church, the security services have launched a search operation to prevent terrorists crossing action by other accomplices.

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