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domenica 20 dicembre 2015

Opening of the first consulting Algerian National Exhibition

0662e0ee13b0e02a5242c32a26e9d93c_L.jpgThe first national exhibition Algerian consulting (SNAG) opened Saturday in Algiers Palace of Culture with the participation of fifty exhibitors, domestic enterprises of the public and private sectors.
This two-day event, held under the theme "Intelligence, a sustainable source" is intended to include promoting the consulting business in Algeria, said the director of the show, Karim Hilem, regretting that this business "is not too well known in Algeria."
The lounge also provides for circulation to all decision makers in Algeria, entrepreneurs and managers, this activity that highlights national expertise in consulting, explained Hilem.
"This is also to support Algerian companies, providing strategic and operational solutions, with the objective of updating the enterprises for the benefit of the national economy," he added.
He felt, in this sense, that Algeria is a "challenge ahead, namely transform its economy with revenues based only on oil."
This fair is a meeting and dialogue for the actors of the economy gathers leaders and entrepreneurs in the public and private sectors.
During these two days, a program of conferences and meetings and debate will be moderated by experts on a variety of topics related to the creation, management and development of the company.
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