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domenica 20 dicembre 2015

2016 finance law, privatization, domestic production: The UGTA declared war Haddad

ugta_853113_679x417.jpgAn insidious war seems to settle between the central union and private employers whose officials said Sonatrach, among other strategic companies, is "now" to be privatized.
Section 66 of the Finance Act 2016 creates great controversy but above gives vent to wild imaginings, suppositions and reveals the ambitions of the owners of large fortunes. To hear them explain the article, conquer Sonatrach, Sonelgaz and Air Algeria now falls possible as it allows the very great opening of their capital and other public companies of any size. The "51/49 rule" that the government has found to share the dividends partnerships with foreigners, it now expects the "66/34" to link the public and private sectors and the private with itself . The Minister of Industry and Mines as well as that of Finance have both said that the IPO should be between national entities, resident in Algeria Moreover, not elsewhere. A precision that has not removed all ambiguities around a provision that the government seems to want to keep blurry probably leave several open breaches. Everything will depend, of course, the degree of reactions for and against the privatization of strategic enterprises, which has not said his name.
The government's concern about the "collapse" of the financial resources of the country by more than 40% following the sharp drop in the price of oil and its consequences on the gas leave, at least, think that all means are good to rebuild reserves and address large deficits.
But already, in response to recent statements by the head of FCE on this, the UGTA load one of its national secretaries to clarify its intentions on Article 66 of the Finance Act 2016. "We must not delirious or just dreaming of the privatization of Sonatrach and Sonelgaz, or even other public companies, there are some who have tried before but have broken teeth and have even typed his head against the wall, "loose on a firm tone Ahmed Guetiche, national secretary of the trade union center, in charge of general relations with political parties and associations. The remarks are important for them to be considered as a simple reaction of a National Secretary, jealous of his principles of "left" bad marks. It is clear that his statements were matured by its Secretary General, Abdelmajid Sidi Said, who has not had to swallow the assertion of FCE boss about a sector that decided to defend to include fully in the battle of national production and for the creation of a diversified economy. "Rather than wade to bring up to date the privatization of public companies, there are better things to do and achieve in relation to the economic crisis which may hit full force businesses from all sectors and all status, "said Guetiche we contacted yesterday. The trade union federation believes that "instead of using words to limit violence are useless if not to emphasize unnecessarily, it must accompany the UGTA in his encouragement to public and private companies for that they can arm themselves against the crisis by producing national, and outreach work that leads to the world of work to educate the producing and consuming country. " The central union demand for the voice of its National Secretary "to collect and combine the efforts of all, to strengthen the production tool, dubbed domestic production to performance processes established around the world, preserve existing jobs, create new, and protect the purchasing power of citizens. " She asked that these claims become a leitmotif for and everyone, regardless of status or rank, this is what will enable us to cope with the economic and financial crisis whose consequences will hurt to us all without exception. "
The organization of Sidi Said implore those who want "only raise money" by asking their "grace, let us be useful for this Republic and this country." But especially warns "be careful if you have to sell in your subconscious Algeria, expect to shocks that will hurt you! "She reminds them that" Algeria, through its civilian and military institutions and its brave people, if came out alone the horrors of terrorism and the structural adjustment program (SAP) imposed by the IMF, that n is not today that we will accept that sorcerers apprentices take us back into disaster. " The UGTA says the voice of Guetiche that "if today, Algeria has become a haven of peace and stability, and solvent internationally, thanks to two fundamental decisions of the President of the Republic, national reconciliation and the debt payment in advance. " The organization of Sidi Said believes, according to its national secretary, that "we have not folded under the weight of exterminating terrorism and the painful SAP, we will not do it under the pressure of a barrel price Oil down as we have national potential ready to meet the challenge of domestic production and domestic consumption. " For some, the UGTA said that "we stop insult each other, to argue on crucial issues for the country and the people, and put us all serious work."
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