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domenica 19 giugno 2011

Always politic reforms without application !!!!

The italian government build on the sea with always new ideas without application.
The italian loy constitution resemble to america but democraticaly is very far from his level .
 Listening always the first ministery who bluff him self following the americain dream systhem .
 I think that the big problem in italy is the corruption and the bad financial fonctionment . So there isn't a serious employment service like in america . As soon to arrive in a satisfy aim it need to clean the parlment's members introducing a serious inspection in all the sectors .
Since the end of the second world war , and after founding the first republic , italy had never find a peace policaly speaking . Italy can on the relations of which america direct the world !!!
The polical parties , had any worth , because when it win the left party , the people turn back in the wright , after in the center , and going on on the same " routine " .
Pratically italian people , don't understand that the parties haven't any value . The genials ideas haven't parties , but it's necessary to find a big man whom is able to change really the bad situation acctually !!.
Speaking in the wind is very easy . Italian people beleive on rich persons like Mr Berlusconi because every body dream to be helped by thise big personnality ., that's why italian people had any politic base ; he  change always roads .
Mr Berlusconi is friend with Mr Putin ( communist ) he was a friend of Gadafi ( dictator ) , with Mr Bush ( republicain ) , and now with Mr Obama ( democratic ) .
1- Every body is wethering wich is the really party of Mr Berlusconi and what is he wishing to do ???
" - What is his real aim in this acctual Italy ????

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