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sabato 12 luglio 2014

8 files poison Sarkozy

According to "The"
VIDEO. Bygmalion Case, Karachi, listen ... embarrassing, the former head of state, once again indicted multiplies judicial embarrassment.
L'avenir politique de Nicolas Sarkozy s'assombrit du fait de ses démêlés judicaires.
The political future of Nicolas Sarkozy darkens because of his judicial conflict. © Valery Hache / AFP

The legal problems accumulate to Nicolas Sarkozy, whose political horizon darkened. Financing his 2007 campaign (Gaddafi) from his 2012 campaign (by his own party to mask overruns), but also arbitration Tapie affair polls ... Former head of state complaint tough. The judges are continuing their investigations.
Bygmalion and accounts of the 2012 campaign
 ©  Capture BFM TV
© BFM TV Capture
The survey was given June 27 financial judges, accused of a criminal investigation for "forgery and use of false", "breach of trust", "attempted fraud" and "complicity and concealment of these crimes." The case revealed by The Point in late February, has already claimed the presidency of the UMP Jean-Francois Cope, whose family had founded the company Bygmalion communication. But a part of initial suspicions of overbilling services rendered to the UMP, the survey seems to be that the accounts of the 2012 presidential campaign.
Bygmalion but Jerome Lavrilleux, pin electoral meetings of the former head of state, admitted a system of false invoices and double accounting that allowed the company to charge the UMP party of campaign expenses so that they do not exceed too much, apparently
Gaddafi and the campaign of 2007
 ©  AFP
where certify the funding of Gaddafi © AFP investigative judges in May 2013 on charges of campaign finance Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 by the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Among the former Libyan officials, some of which this financing without providing material element, as Takieddine, others have denied.
Another investigation of the complaint of forgery against Mediapart Nicolas Sarkozy, who had published during the presidential elections of 2012, a note
Case in point: influence peddling and corruption
 ©  Triboullard/AFP
© Tribouillard / AFP In the survey it is possible to Libyan funding, the recording of a telephone conversation between Nicolas Sarkozy, placed on listening, and his lawyer has led to a judicial inquiry, February 26th, for the traffic of influence and violation of confidentiality education, and July 2 in an indictment of the former head of state, his lawyer and magistrate Gilbert Azibert Herzog. Justice suspects that the former president to try, with the help of his lawyer, to get information in a proceeding for the senior judge, against a promise of action for a prestigious position in Monaco. Facts face 10 years in prison.
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arbitration Tapie
 ©  Sipa
The arbitration resulted in an award giving € 403 million to Bernard Tapie, in July 2008, to resolve the dispute with the Credit Lyonnais Adidas resale. Prosecutors suspect a "sham arbitration" to promote the business man, with the approval of the manager. Five people accused of "organized fraud", including Bernard Tapie, one of the referees and the former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy today Orange boss Stephane Richard. The Secretary General of the Presidency of the time, Claude Gueant, the case was heard in late May.
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Polls Elysee
An investigating judge the legality of the contracts without tender between Elisha and nine pollsters Sarkozy in five years, in particular with the company Publifact Patrick Buisson
 ©  AFP
The former deputy secretary general of the Elysee, Perol, was indicted in early February for hiring illegal interests, four years after its controversial head of the banking group BPCE appointment. The investigation is closed. The prosecutor must take its findings before a possible return by the correctional court.
                                                          The meeting of Toulon
Investigation for embezzlement of public funds was inaugurated in October 2013, the Paris prosecutor's office on the financing of a meeting of Nicolas Sarkozy in Toulon end of 2011. This meeting was not included in the cost of the campaign, which had pinned to the constitutional Counci
 ©  AFP
Recordings of Buisson
Le Canard chained website Atlantic and aired in early March clandestine recordings made ​​by Patrick Buisson, from the extreme right, when recommended Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee.

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