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sabato 5 luglio 2014

Oil taxes, the amounts recovered in late April exceed 15 billion dollars

According to Algérie,
Algeria has earned 1,241.9 billion (bn) dinars (about 15.5 billion U.S. dollars) from oil taxes at the end of April, almost a third of expected recoveries in this context for the year 2014, according to figures from Ministry of Finance.
If the amount is displayed down from 1.546 billion dinars made ​​during the same period of 2013, however it approaches the level of recovery of the oil tax under the government budgeted for this year and set to 1,577.7 billion DA.
In late April, the Stabilization Fund (FRR) has not been supplied for the estimated amount of oil tax revenues budgeted was not reached during this period.
The FRR is powered by surplus oil taxes that represents the difference between actual recoveries and amounts paid to the state budget.
For fiscal 2014, the government expects a surplus of oil taxation 2,023.7 billion DA will be paid to the FRR.
Ordinary taxation, representing the entire revenue of the State excluding hydrocarbons, was displayed at the end of April rose to 703.5 billion against 692.4 billion DA DA during the same period last year .
Thus, budgetary revenues realized during the first four months totaled 1,945.4 billion dinars, while budget expenditures totaled 2,439.4 billion DA, resulting in a deficit Treasury -623 billion dinars.
Half the projected deficit Treasury for 2014, estimated at 3.300 billion dinars will be filled by the assets of the FRR. This amount represents 18% of GDP, according to figures already provided by the Ministry of Finance.
But the actual deficit may be less important for the implementation of budgets has led in recent years to material differences between the projected deficits and those made because of the level of absorption of funds in relation to above average.
Fiscalité pétrolière, Les montants recouvrés à fin avril dépassent les 15 mds de dollars

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