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venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Tahar Ben Jelloun: there is more important than the immigrant vote

 Tahar Ben Jelloun
Once again, the old promise of thirty years is back. It will probably be buried. Matter, for more than a symbol, much remains to be done.
Donner le droit de vote aux étrangers pour les élections locales : François Mitterrand l'avait déjà promis...
Give the right to vote in local elections to foreigners: François Mitterrand had already promised ... MIGUEL MEDINA © / AFP

According to "The"
Promise # 50 candidate François Hollande may remain in drawers. Letter dead and buried. This is not serious. Giving voting rights to foreigners legally resident in France for five years for the local elections, that is to say that affect their daily lives, is not of paramount importance. Already François Mitterrand had promised. But nothing was done. If France, which has a tradition of being a haven, was in perfect harmony with its values ​​proclaimed as if it were a true and fair consistency, the same problem does not arise. But no matter, because that claim millions of immigrants who work, pay their taxes and trying to raise their children in dignity, it is a little recognition, no festivities and soothing speech, but the justice and respect. This is not the end of the world.
For decades, they are stigmatized, stigmatized by political parties who bet on fear and hatred to achieve their goals. The right to vote is the least of things, but that it will require three-fifths majority, that no power will succeed in obtaining. The case is heard. What good talk again? Immigrants participate with their labor to the economy of this country are good consumers and comply with the laws.
"The vote, I have nothing to do"
Speaking one day with a Moroccan immigrant, father of six children, of this promise, he told me this: "Instead of fighting for the right to vote, it is better that we stop referring to us as profiteers family allowances, parasites often controlled in the subway it is better that the government cares more seriously our children, who are not immigrants, but French second-class voting, I have nothing to do. . Instead, treat our children as French, that's what we ask. "This man left France at the time of his retirement. It was he who inspired the character of my novel In Canada, published in 2009. He left leaving behind children who are struggling as they can to find work and get away from the racist stigma.
This man now lives in his native village and waits for a day visit his children. He has reason to believe that voting is not essential, because there many things that these foreigners suffer in silence and themselves say nothing.
It will take one day a righteous man, a real man, a leader, tell the French population that millions of men and women had come to this country, what they are and what they bring, say what France owes them and what their life in a pathogen habitat, with a 40% unemployment among their children who often suffer from discrimination in hiring and elsewhere. There is little curiosity about their culture and especially their religion, now with the global turmoil similar to what product of terror in amalgams that are insulting these peaceful families.
The damage is done
It is true that it is among these young people hope full of holes that recruiters death are customers. It is true that hopelessness is great, the parents are great because they can no longer remember their offspring face the call of jihad. This includes a few hundred families. However, the damage is done and there was enough of a Mohamed Merah, a thirsty criminal wrong, or another assassin from Belgium to the whole community is dirty, confused in the same images of terror and hatred.
No, nobody has the slightest word of consolation and gratitude. No, immigrants do not move the box in which they were stationed. Change their image, restore some truth, be fair and do not ask them a look that is neither pity nor contempt. That's what they claim. A little dignity, Mr. President.

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