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mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

The Corcovado cries while praying the Our ​​Lady of Guadalupe!

Slimane MELAB,
If it were a legend would be nice to tell it for several times and never tire of hearing the vicissitudes of this wonderful country that are full of imagination and above all charm.
Last night also Rendentor Christ of Corcovado in Rio De Janeiro has been crying rivers of tears transported to the Rio Grande in the north than in the south while the Our ​​Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Brazil, he prayed for all of Brazil. It 'a very sad night for not only Brazil but for the whole world, for all his fans around the world. Yesterday all the earth wept tears of sadness despair, bitterness, sorrow, relief
After the drubbing full of great Germany who had loaned a high level of international football has taken his revenge after the defeat inflicted in Brazil in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea The match was ended with a humiliating score of 7 - 1 for the Germans.
Brazil was not there with his head in the field but only with the name of the greatest heavy history, there was nothing to do for the great goalkeeper who was humiliated by the German players, in fact, Julio Cezar had to be the best goalkeeper in the world however, with this horrible defeat his card will surely be reduced and as for the other players, their value diminuerà in all directions, you will save only Neymar who was injured in the previous game against Colombia.
I suppose that even the great Garincha, it is still sad tears of sadness and I'll be underground Alfredo Di Stefano to comfort him, therefore he died just the other day before the match against Germany. (May their souls rest in peace).
The world would give back the smile to many Brazilians, in many children, so many poor people marginalized in their societies, and even the same state that he can not bear the entire population economically and physically.
In short, the whole world is with this great country.

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