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sabato 5 luglio 2014

Mourinho: "Algeria has been fantastic"

According Algeria,
As usual, the ambassador of the football World Cup for the Yahoo search engine, José Mourinho returned to the excellent match of the Algerian squad ahead of Germany, highlighting in particular the beautiful attitude of the Greens during this meeting, the ones who do not give up: "The response was fantastic Algerians. The magnificent attitude. The tactical organization was good. Their mentality on the field was fantastic too. Getting a draw after 90 minutes against Germany, it is not nothing. "
"Halliche could not do anything on purpose Schurrle"
The current coach of Chelsea has not failed to salute the magnificent goal of Schurrle, foal with the Blues. He explained that this action Rafik Halliche, he cited by name, could not do anything, "Only someone like Schurrle could move diagonally from right to center. His position was fantastic and Halliche could do against such a movement in the early extensions nothing. "

"She left the World with honors and Algerians should be proud"
Special One and to follow up on the match: "After that, we all thought that the match would be under control, especially after the (2-0), but I have to repeat again and again that their attitude was fantastic. Algeria has left the competition with honors. I think all Algerians should be proud. And the goal they scored was a bonus after a awesome game. "

Maradona: "The Algerians upset many Germans and did not let him play freely"
Legend Diego Maradona also gave him his opinion on this game that pitted Germany with Algeria and recognized the strength of Algerians who, according to him, have undermined this Mannschaft, yet heavily favored before kick sending the game. "Algeria has many struggling team from Germany and did not let him play freely. German players are generally very dangerous offensively, but the Algerians are shown beefy and have dropped anything on the ground. "

"I did not expect that Germany suffers much to qualify!"
The former captain of the Argentina squad that won the World Cup in 1986, continued its analysis of this game, saying he did not expect any way that Germany suffers great as to tear his qualification for the quarterfinals. "Personally, I did not expect that Germany suffers much to qualify. On what we saw, Germany will be hard to go far in this World Cup. It should show something else. Algeria has probably lacked experience, "he concluded.
Alain Roche: "I gave a 10 out of 10 M'bolhi was monstrous"

The former libero team France and Paris Saint-Germain European champion in the era Fernandez, Alain Roche, became a consultant on I-TV, has been very complimentary about to comment on the performance of goalkeeper Green Rais Mbolhi. "I was stunned by the monstrous performance of the Algerian goalkeeper, M'bolhi. He extended the deadline by coming before the strikes and shelling German attackers. That is why I decided to give it a 10 out of 10 for his performance outsized "launched Roche was appointed to note the Desert Foxes. Since the beginning of World Brazilian was the first time that Roche gave the maximum score a goal keeper. For comparison, Manuel Neuer, the last German bastion, was entitled to 9 of 10 from Jean-Luc Arribart. Even the Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, has not had the maximum score despite his heroic game against the Netherlands.

"Slimani deserves a nine because it was a poison for the German defense"

Continuing his analysis, Roche perfectly husked benefits of each other. Rock, with his expert eye, wanted to pay tribute to the provision of Islam Slimani giving it a score of nine out of ten: "The Algerian striker, Slimani, worth a nine out of ten because it was a permanent poison for the German defense that had all the trouble in the world to muzzle. It has a reading of extraordinary game. He deserved to be rewarded for his efforts throughout the game. "

Grégory Coupet "M'bolhi is one of the best goalkeepers of this World"
The former goalkeeper of the Blues vice-world champion in 2006 and multiple champion of France with Lyon, Grégory Coupet, is now part of the team of consultants BFM TV that was sent to Brazil to cover the global event . So knowingly Greg, as he is nicknamed, spoke about the performance of Rais M'bolhi. "It's phenomenal what passed the Algerian goalkeeper! It was excellent on the goal line and the long shots. I can tell you that M'bolhi is one of the best goalkeepers in the World. He participated greatly in the qualification of his team in the second round, "Coupet said on BFM TV, live from Rio de Janeiro.

Glenn Hoddle (former England coach): "An admiration for this team Algeria!"
Newspapers and television British, surprised and impressed by the quality of the game developed by the Algerian team against Germany and the fighting of each of his players in mind, came to regret his departure from the World Brazilian -2014. On the set of ITV which has reissued the game, Gordon Strachan, the coach of Scotland and Glenn Hoddle, the former England coach, said any admiration for the "Algerian team that brought a more in this World Cup, "in the words of the first.

Jean-Luc Arribart "Algerians deserved the qualification because they were huge"
The former Rennes player, Jean-Luc Arribart, which was converted by looking on canal + with a certain Thierry Gilardi, joined the team in 2013 I-Tele. It is a notice that the former libero spoke of the benefit of the Greens face the Mannschaft look. "We must recognize that Algeria has done better than to defend themselves. She posed enormous problems for a German team that was shaken especially in the first half. Admittedly this Algerian team deserved to qualify. She was blameless in the mood to blow the final whistle, "he has said in his analysis of the game before yesterday at the very end of the evening broadcast on the news channel broadcast clearly on the satellite.

Patrick M'Boma: "Many other courses have folded face this Algerian team"
Colleague Coupet on BFM TV, the former striker of the Indomitable Lions, Patrick M'Boma has, too, commented laudatory manner delivery of Algeria came out, according to him, the head of the World. "We must recognize that Algeria has provided a big game, to the point of doubt, however, known for their mental strength Germans. I can tell you that the Germans had to dig deep in their resources to win as many other formations instead of the Mannschaft would eventually bow to this valiant Algerian team that played without any complex "launched on the board BFM TV the former Cameroon international.

Ruud Gullit: "Congratulations to Algeria for his heroic game!"
Even former captain Batavian European champion in 1988 did not fail to react on his Twitter account. You understand it is Ruud Gullit, the former star of AC Milan, he knows perfectly Germany to have been bathed in this rivalry that has always existed between the Netherlands and the Mannschaft. "Congratulations to Algeria for his heroic game. They were phenomenal! "Wrote on his account of course in the language of Shakespeare.

David Ginolat "Huge hats off to the team of Algeria!"
Even former glory PSG 90s, David Ginolat, reacted on his Twitter account. Former Blues striker was keen to pay tribute to the Greens who, according to him, were heroic until the final seconds of the game without ever giving up against the German ogre "Huge tip of the hat to the Algeria team. Bravo Fennecs who fought heroically until the last minute! "

Jean-Pierre Raffarin (French former Prime Minister): "Respect for this talented team of Algeria!"
Even politicians vibrated with all this emotion provided by the Desert Foxes against the Germans. French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, has responded to the final whistle on his Twitter account. "Respect for Algeria, the team, talented generous and courageous!" Wrote former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac's era.
Mourinho : «L’Algérie a été fantastique»
the great Portuguese and world coach Jose Mourinho

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