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venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Louh: "The process of Khalifa will be public"

According Algérie,
Justice will look at the process of billionaire Abdelmoumene Khalifa immediately after the break, said Tuesday the Justice Minister Tayeb Louh.
Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony to the winners of exams and tests in middle school, 2014, the Minister of Justice stated that the hearing of the former golden boy Algerian Abdelmoumene Khalifa sued for "malpractice" "embezzlement" and "assets from bankruptcy and accounting concealment" would be open to the public.
Asked by the press about the investigation by the French judge on the case of "Tibhirine monks," the Minister of Justice explained that the survey was conducted in the context of legal agreements between Algeria and France under letters rogatory must be "performed initially after the break."
Louh: «Le procès de Khalifa sera public»Risultati immagini per Abdelmoumen Khalifa immagini

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