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giovedì 3 luglio 2014

And for the second time Algeria has fallen into a combination??

As usual, loyalty and honesty continue to flee from the hearts of the worshipers of money and continue their lives in those of the poor wretches who attach themselves to the divine justice but often in vain. Since I began this world championship of football, I have seen very few games arbitration seriously, those that did not count for much. The national prestige as Brazil, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland, have been treated gently and helped with one way or another. In short, there were teams that deserved more but have returned home and those who did not deserve went forward.
It 'a cruel fate that twice in 32 years, Algeria has to suffer a defeat engineered by the staff of FIFA who hide behind political causes invented by themselves? After the victory over Germany in Algeria in 1982, the FIFA World woke up and so have mobilized all media universe inviting them to write news inadequate to reality and everyday life. They even say that France has preferred to meet Germany Algeria not to run a serious risk of violence?? And 'why should un'Algerino create trouble against France today that millions of jobs and a lot of support to the Algerians. I do not think that this is the real reason?? The fact is that Brazil has great need of money, and order at the national level and win doing that Germany would ensure more revenue for German tourists and that the turnover would rise forever increasing.
However, Algeria, and honestly speaking from football again won the game and even though it was finished with a score of 2-1. The goal of the first half was very valuable for Algeria. Again we were wrongly convicted just in Brazil, the largest country in the world football.

Algerian national team in the wold cup in Brazil.

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