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giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Bedjaoui acquired a luxury property in Manhattan

According Algeria,
Despite two arrest warrants against him by the Algerian and Italian justice, one of the main accused in the scandals of Sonatrach, Farid Bedjaoui continues to lead a life without much concern and might even be acquired for a luxury apartment in Manhattan in the USA.
According to the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore published last week, the nephew of former Foreign Minister Mohamed Bedjaoui, the "golden boy Algerian" enjoys freedom and he held dozens bank accounts in Switzerland, Luxembourg , Lebanon, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, dozens of vehicles and companies in these countries as well as Panama and the State of Delaware, reputed to be the American tax haven.
According to the Italian newspaper, Farid Bedjaoui continues to lead a quiet life and have recently bought a luxurious Manhattan property worth $ 20 million he received from people of different nationalities.
Il Sole 24 Ore reported that a portion of that money would have been bleached during the transfer of real estate, including those he had in Paris and which have been searched by the French and Italian police in the part of the investigation by the Nanterre court for money laundering.
According to the findings of the investigation by the Italian courts, the nephew of Mohamed Bedjaoui allegedly received bribes wine Saipem estimated at € 200 million for its "mediation" between the said company and Sonatrach.
Bedjaoui fait l’acquisition d’une luxueuse propriété à Manhattan

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