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lunedì 28 luglio 2014

A Moroccan refused the "Légion d'honneur" a cause of 'support for France to Israël.

Par Halalbook,

This happens very rarely, a Moroccan lawyer just say no to the Legion of Honor! Abdelaziz Nouidi justifies his choice with the support of France to Israel in a letter to Ambassador Charles Fries.
The university also denounces the policy of limiting the government of the Netherlands, which prevents solidarity movements in France for Gaza and calls for Israeli leaders openly pursue international courts for crimes against humanity.
Abdelaziz Nouidi focuses on positions that François Hollande formally considers contrary to the values ​​of France and its commitments to the international community.
On July 8, the Elysium has publicly supported the actions of repression and massacres of civilians in the Jewish state through a shocking statement referring to the law "defense" of Israel.
An act strong and heavy with meaning that is not transmitted by the French media! Righteous men whose principles are unalterable do not want your Légion d'honneur, which has only the name of honor.

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