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domenica 27 luglio 2014

Harsh response of Israel against Palestine!

Slimane MELAB,
Personally, I can not refer the number of deaths in Palestine and Israel, because it is not a false war, or a movie or a play; I can assure you that it is very sad for all of humanity, whether Israelis or Palestinians.
On the one hand the Iranian government that supports technologically and logistically Palestine, Saudi Arabia on the other, which finances the production of weapons and yet on the other hand, the entire West that supports Israel. In my opinion this is a solution for Palestine nor unjust, nor for Israel in this way will continue to kill each other constantly. Where are the missing Nobel prizes for peace and humanitarian associations, where is the UN?
When Gaddafi was found in the middle of internal revolution, the whole world wanted his skin and was immediately supported the revolt against him, chosen and recognized as dictator of his country. Regarding the France of '((friend)) that Sarkozy had immediately mobilized against Rais with the complicity of England. Sarkozy had suddenly decided to assassinate former President of Libya to hide its public funding for its activities and campaigning by the dictator Gaddafi, his great friend in need and subsequently enemy.
In Israel, the rebels are the Palestinians. Because there is no one that the West supports them? And because they were completely marginalized and vilified by all the inhabitants of the earth? from the indigenous inhabitants and natives to finish the edges of the border, almost driven from their land?
What is actually the UN? to serve the rich exploiting the poor masses?
Why is there a state of 800 inhabitants such as the Vatican, the Republic of San Marino 33,562 inhabitants and not Palestine?
I think the world diplomacy should immediately find a good solution to these two people who not only do not like them, but they will continue to kill each other, with no benefit to the whole of humanity worldwide. I am not accusing anyone, but if I add a plain truth is that love can not be forced and compulsory labor.
It is time to say enough of this dirty war that involved all humanity. A war that continues to disturb and destroy the holy ground where they passed all the prophets of all religions.
This war or revolution has no meaning and it will be better to split meet in peace and that every one will have a reference point in their own state, is the only road to peace.
The State of Palestine is officially recognized as the 138 UN countries, including many of the most industrialized and developed countries (such as Italy, France, Spain "observer status," the Brazil, Russia, Japan, India and China) and by the General Assembly of the United Nations, within the borders of the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967 (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem)
This represents a greater number of states in the world to recognize or have normal diplomatic relations currently with the State of Israel (the children of those who voted in 1948). They do not recognize - among the most important states - the State of Palestine, but only non-state Palestinian political entity, the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. There are 136 (with the exception of Israel, but also other non-hostile, but diplomatically isolated, such as Taiwan and Kosovo) states that recognize a Palestinian diplomatic representation. Israel recognized the PLO representation only from 1993 to 2001. Latest official diplomatic relations with Israel occurred in 2003. Italy maintains a consulate in East Jerusalem, but did not make the official exchange ambassadors with Palestine, while maintaining the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Italy.

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