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sabato 24 gennaio 2015

Alarm for looting gold

According to "Algérie"
In 2014, several attempts to plunder the precious metals in mining deep south were recorded by border guards (GGF) under the National Gendarmerie. The new "mercenaries" raw gold are sub-Saharan Africans who have engaged in this great traffic to collect large sums of money. The alarm in the looting of gold in the deep south is given.
In 2014 and also in early January of this year, the security forces deployed in the deep south of the country, has arrested more than 200 looters gold, while hundreds of metal detectors, satellite phones and quantities of gold were seized.

Armed with big media, hundreds of gold dealers, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, but also Libyans, Africans and Algerians have invaded the great southern Algeria "invest" the mines in order to plunder the gold countries. This new form of looting after the archaeological sites that are stolen valuables, has reached an alarming level, said a security source in Tamanrasset.

The flight Gold Algerian started three years ago, which saw the traffickers in Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Libya and other Algerian and Guinean embark on this great traffic that is affecting the national economy. The situation may overflow, especially since these "mercenaries" have already managed to get large amounts of stolen goods in Algeria, among other gold.

Illegal extraction of precious metals is growing by these new "mercenaries", according to a security source in Tamanrasset. Faced with this alarming situation, the security forces, including the GGF and military, have deployed their troops to follow more closely the country's mines. Checkpoints were also installed near the mines were reported after theft of gold.

It 'important to note that the "mercenaries" Africans have great means, such as trucks, excavators, binoculars, metal detectors, satellite phones, all terrain vehicles and sometimes firearms. They know the routes, added the same source of security. In addition, the operations of GGF in many parts of the south have confirmed the use of mass media by foreign traffickers.

In Tamanrasset, border guards (GGF) has successfully intercepted several trucks belonging to different dealers and stolen goods were seized. For the only day before yesterday, the GGF Tamanrasset arrested during an anti-crime, five traffickers Malians about to leave the territory of Algeria to Mali with their van, a large batch of drugs originally uncontrolled and spare parts for several vehicles.

On the same day, four other individuals, sub-Saharan Africans, were intercepted by police in Tamanrasset. A search of their vehicle revealed four stones interspersed with gold nuggets and a satellite phone.

The interception of traffickers took place near the village Amsel, according to the National Gendarmerie who said that an investigation is underway. The four foreigners are part of a network of traffic of gold. Were in contact with their colleagues who, themselves, were close to a mine. Both sets of traffic exchanged information by satellite phone.

It is a new form of organization, hierarchical, that active outside the confines Algerians, but has a nut in the country to plunder gold Algerian. This is "gangsterros", a label that shows the link between gangs and terrorists.
Alerte au pillage de l’or

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