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martedì 6 gennaio 2015

USA has monitored the Algerian nuclear program

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The US has monitored the Algerian nuclear program
Since 1991 the United States suspected Algeria of having a secret nuclear program to build an atomic bomb. To do this, they spied the Algeria through espionage bases in Morocco and take pictures from satellites US reactors Ain Ouessara.
The publication of the American archives has revealed that the United States has actually spied the Algerian nuclear program and in particular the nuclear reactor in Oussera installed in partnership with the Chinese. This reactor of 15 MW has always had a civil destination, but Americans suspected of Algeria to hide another intention of a military nature.

These archival documents shown by the Qatari channel Al Jazeera also reveal that the United States has expressed concern and dissatisfaction with France because he put pressure on Algiers through China.

The same records show that the French foreign minister at the time, Roland Dumas, had moved to China and had been told by his Chinese counterpart for cooperation between his country and Algeria in the nuclear field. The Chinese have responded to the French Minister that their cooperation program does not violate their international commitments on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons because it was a civilian program.

The United States had also sent a representative to Beijing and asked their embassy in Hong Kong to give full details of the Algerian-Chinese cooperation.

They also asked Switzerland, according to the records shown by Al Jazeera, not to sell to Algeria services that fall within the scope of military production. Indeed, August 7, 1991, asked Switzerland to refuse the sale of pumps used in nuclear production, under the pretext that Algeria had not met its commitments after the purchase of a hardware Argentina.

The Algerian nuclear program was also a topic of discussion at committee level within the National Security Council of the United States in 1991. The reactors Ain Ouessara should be commissioned in 1992, questions were raised about the volume of one of the following images reactors taken satellites. Washington had estimated that its capacity is of 50 mega watts and 15 megawatts, as expected, at the time.

The Algerian Foreign Minister at the time, Sid-Ahmed Ghozali, had defended the right of Algeria to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes and asked that a committee of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should come to services Algerians to achieve it. But it was not enough to reassure Americans who continued to spy on Algerian nuclear program.

Since then, Algeria has managed to reassure its international partners, signing all treaties relating to the issue and allowing the IAEA to visit its facilities. In addition to China, Algeria has signed protocols and agreements relating to the use of nuclear energy for civilian purposes with other nations like the United States, Russia and France. Algeria launches also consider the production of electrical energy from nuclear 2020-2025.

Reassured, now the United States of America supports the program of development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes conducted by Algeria, with whom they have relationships "fruitful" in this area, had said in February 2014 Algiers Susan F. Burk, Special Representative US President Barack Obama on nuclear non-proliferation.

"The United States of America supports all countries in developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, including Algeria," Ms. Burk stressed, in a press conference held at the US Embassy in Algiers.
Les Etats-Unis ont surveillé le programme nucléaire Algérien

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