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lunedì 5 gennaio 2015

The Mercedes Benz in Tiaret: a promising project for engineering

According to "Algérie"
The production plant of Mercedes Benz vehicles, which is located in the town of Ain Bouchekif in the wilaya of Tiaret, is considered one of the promising projects in the engineering sector in Algeria.
The plant, inaugurated on 26 October by the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the Army National People's Congress (NPC), Army Corps General Ahmed Salah Gaido, falls in partnership Algerian-German-UAE national industry to develop devices , training and qualification of labor Algerian work in this area.

The annual production capacity of the plant is 6,000 vehicles "Sprinter" for different uses and 2,000 other vehicles 4x4 "class C" all-terrain Class G for military and paramilitary forces, the president said APS Council Algerian Company production of Mercedes vehicles Benz "SAFAV-MB", Colonel Krikrou Smail.

The joint venture consists of three partners: the Algerian party represented by the Development Corporation of the automotive industry, under the direction of DND industries (34%), the National Society of industrial vehicles (17%) and foreign partner represented by the investment fund of emirates "Aabar" (49%), in addition to the German company "Daimler" as technology partner.

The German team is concerned mainly high technology transfer and strategic integration, training and qualification of a job Algerian technologically and professionally to a new dynamic for the engineering sector nationwide.

The complex has a training institute automotive technology by all means. 119 graduates CFPA wilaya are supported by this institution to be trained as technicians in various fields of mechanical engineering, according to the same official, stressing that "SAFAV-MB attaches great importance to training skilled workers, engineers and technicians to increase their level of expertise and experience. "

Colonel Krikrou also stressed that "the goal of this partnership is to encourage subcontracting to local production accessories and parts imported in the early stages of production." There is an integration rate 30% within five years.

"DND and the direction of military industries contribute, through the system, the economic recovery of our country and create skilled jobs for young people in the region Tiaret," added the official.

The plant in Tiaret currently has 150 employees, including technicians, engineers and administrative staff. It will provide 600 jobs for the actual start of production and its assembly steps, painting and welding.

Moreover, Colonel Krikrou said the plant has a training workshop for 53 young assembling commercial vehicles Sprinter 'whose production will be launched in the short term.

For its part, the production manager of the factory, Zine El Abidine Mostefaoui, APS said that the plant will begin in the next two or three years, the production of other types of commercial vehicles and SUVs civil use.

The first year will know the production of 200 vehicles of class C land, 60 commercial vehicles "Sprinter". Production will reach, in 2016, a programmed output of 6,000 vehicles "Sprinter" and 2,000 other type C.

It should be remembered that the chain of vehicles C during production class terrain was launched on November 1, with a test step to continue until January 2015, the date set for the start actual production.
L’usine Mercedes Benz de Tiaret: un projet prometteur pour l’industrie mécanique

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