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domenica 18 gennaio 2015

ORAN Two imams sexually abuse a young student for 4 years

According Algeria "
The investigating judge of the 9th room near the correctional court of Djamel Eddine in Oran, ordered Monday to put into custody two imams of mosques larger and 2 students, to examine the results in a sex scandal.
In fact, it is the imam of a mosque in Dar el Beida, the so-called (M.Mehdi), aged 53, and his student of 22 years after their involvement in homosexual practices, an act of depravity video shows and non-compliance with the precepts of religion. The judge also issued an arrest warrant against the imam of the mosque of another You Seddikia charged with the same complaints. The facts of this case date back to the beginning of this month, when a young student, a native of Bordj Bou Arreridj, responding to the initial DA, 22 came to the security services Oran in possession of a series of CD-ROMs containing obscene films in which he appears to let sexually abusing the two main suspects, who are no more than two imams, while the video shows scenes of terrible obscenities committed two pious men, believed to be the heirs of the prophets.

Upon receipt of the information, the security services have proceeded to launch a full investigation listening to the young man, who said he arrived in Oran, after one of the people they had sold the imam of the mosque "El Feth," which originated in the wilaya of Mascara, in exchange for a large sum of money, before moving on to his diabolical act to satisfy his sexual desires bestial abuse the young student for four years, while in times, the monster took him at his residence and invited another Imam who knew, and he trusted to film full sexual activity, before abusing the young, in turn, the last time the two monsters have promised the young student to give him a sum of money, but they have failed in their promise, which prompted him to inform the security services. Immediately after registration sensational statements of the victim, and the supervision of the CD-ROM, elements of the police went to the mosque "El Feth," where he arrested the main suspect, who tried to deny that has been assigned as a crime, while the second suspect has disappeared, and is still actively sought. Brought before the court, the young man back on his initial statements, when the imam has acknowledged the facts that are charged, stating that he was sexually abusing the victim in the presence of the second Imam able to escape, the two in question are in custody, while an arrest warrant was issued against Imam able to escape.
ORAN : Deux imams abusent sexuellement d’un jeune élève pendant 4 ans

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