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giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

The CEO of Sonatrach ensures that shale gas is not in the business plan

According to "Algérie"
The acting director of Sonatrach Said Sahnoun taken Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Petroface for the establishment of a joint venture in the field of echo the words of the head of state held Tuesday at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.
"Shale gas is not on the agenda, Sonatrach has taken no decision, especially as the commercial viability of the project has not yet been proven," said recalling that the two holes are made for the sole purpose of "accurately measure scope and all of its production. "

After expressing these assurances, the boss agrees SH southern populations of interest to have concerns about the environment. "These fears are legitimate and whether to change the rules that will change" was busy remembering the two US laws were developed under pressure from environmental groups.

As for the process of hydraulic fracturing used to extract shale gas, said Sahnoun argued that Sonatrach master the technique, since it is used since the 90s, but have an impact on the environment.

Thus, we learn from the mouth of the CEO SH between 2006 and 2010 no less than 50 traditional wells were drilled for the year in Hassi Messaoud, and these aquifers through wells without having an impact on the environment.

"Sonatrach apply precautionary measures before and during drilling is conventional or unconventional Wells (horizontal drilling) without damaging the environment. The gas is the same: shale gas or unconventional gas. It is applied both to the technique of hydraulic fracturing. what has changed is (extended surfaces: tens of thousands of square kilometers, the number of wells increased five or ten shale gas resources traditional) the scale of operations and the duration of the deposit (two to five years for shale gas for decades for conventional gas), "added the CEO of HS.

Question about the additives used in this operation, explains that this technique uses six or seven categories of products such as acids, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and gelling agents used in the food industry. These additives are also used in conventional drilling conventional deposits that do not require the use of hydraulic fracturing, he points out, indicating that the quality control of products subject to an import authorization is entrusted to the Algerian companies.

The head of Sonatrach also explains that the implementation of two pilot wells in Ahnet about thirty km In Salah, obeys a "responsible approach", which is to provide gas to the central Daira.
Le DG de Sonatrach assure que l’exploitation du gaz de schiste n’est pas dans les plan de l’entreprise

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