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sabato 10 gennaio 2015

The pain of the French press, Charlie Hebdo, destroyed ..

By Slimane Melab
Honestly, I'm really shocked by this terrible tragedy, like all French citizens who have heard this tragedy that has shocked not only France but the world. I feel very touched and deeply as I was also Hervé Gourdel beheaded in Algeria, are also very sad for all the journalists who do their job properly, but then are imprisoned or uccisi.I journalists of the weekly "Charlie" they just tried to joking in a more playful and fun phrase innocent as on the other hand have always done everything with the same way and the same. These savages who murdered deserve maximum punishment ... Although my conscience does not admit it, put it on the guillotine in operation for cases like questo.Comunque are very happy with the success of the police and especially to have them executed in the same manner with the which was tragically killed the innocenti.Sono with the French people and all those who worship the true justice of men. Good luck to my fellow French.
Unis pour nos libertés
United for our freedoms

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