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venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Algiers: he fatally stabbed his victim and stole his mobile: 15 years in prison for murderer

According to " Algérie",
Citizens reported the discovery of a male corpse. The judicial police in charge of the case began research.
The man received multiple stab wounds in different parts of the body and made the soul just after.

On that fateful day Rabah attention was attracted by mobile Samir, he decided to steal it, so he brought, using a knife, stabbed several times.

The body is identified, it is Samir aged 30, and an investigation was immediately opened. It lasts several months and eventually lead investigators to Rabah 38 years old.
The individual will soon stopped.

The day of the trial, Rabah initially denied the charges against him, but under questioning, he finally confesses his act.

The representative of the Crown, highlights the seriousness of the murder, he coolly stabbed the victim wearing him several stab wounds all over his body. At the end of his indictment, it requires a sentence of 18 years imprisonment against the accused.

The defense lawyer, leniency from the court, he asks extenuating circumstances to his client. Following the discussion, the president of the court pronounces a sentence of 15 years imprisonment against the accused
Alger : il poignarde mortellement sa victime pour lui voler son portable : 15 ans de prison pour l’assassin

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