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lunedì 5 gennaio 2015

Anadolu, Turkish medical center, to settle in Algeria, Hope for cancer

According to " Algeria"
This medical center receives each year thousands of patients
14,000 patients from 20 different countries, 10% are Algerians, come to enjoy the treatments based on advanced technology.

The Oncology Center Anadolu Medical Center in Istanbul (Turkey), became one of the best hospitals in the world specializing in medical oncology, radiation therapy and pediatric cardiac surgery. Since its opening, the medical center receives each year thousands of patients who are at an advanced stage of the disease. Especially in the field of oncology, where the medical center employs an experienced human resources and high-tech equipment, especially for the treatment of all types of cancer. 14,000 patients from 20 different countries

of which 10% are Algerians, come to enjoy the treatments based on advanced technology. Following studies conducted by the Centre on deficits faced by Algerian sick Anadolu Medical Center wants to strengthen its position in Algeria in increasing the number of cardiovascular surgery patients (child, adult) and the number of patients to their ontological open a space of hope to heal and regain their health in good conditions. To achieve this goal, the medical center has invited a dozen Algerian journalists in his establishment in Turkey to present the methods adopted by the center and the factors that have ranked among the most visited hospitals in the world.

"Anadolu Medical Center is a nonprofit organization founded with a capital of $ 250 million by the Anadolu Group. Our hospital is located Bayramoglou, 40 kilometers from the center of Istanbul on a campus of 188,000 m2 of which 50,000 m² reserved for building

includes 105 doctors, 209 beds, eight operating rooms and 25 individual units of chemotherapy. We have obtained accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International), we are also members of the Esmo (European Society for Medical Oncology) and have obtained the ISO 18001 certifications, 14001 9001.Anadolu Medical Center has an affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine in the United States who was elected for the 21st time the best hospital in the United States "informs Mr. Ilker Alcin medical director before an audience of journalists who came to discover this place that has become the center of attraction for thousands of patients, especially Algerians. "Most patients Algerian discover our center when they have no solutions and begin to search the Internet. We have not yet set up organized networks.

Generally, they are seeking the most effective medical centers in certain diseases, namely brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, gynecological cancer and urological cancer. Here the treatment involves surgery, medical oncology, radiation therapy, pathology, nuclear medicine and biochemistry with the objective to determine and provide the most appropriate treatment. This major hospital group considered during next year start work on construction of a medical school and a nursing school. "The tariffs of all examinations are 20% to 30% cheaper than in Europe," developed our interlocutor.

The partnership between Algeria and Turkey in medicine was born

For its part M.Murat Ercan, foreign service supervisor explains that their center is in negotiations with the Algerian health authorities in the medical field to establish a program focused on the training of Algerian doctors and the exchange of expertise do. "The idea of a partnership between Algeria and Turkey in the medical field is the result of the willingness of Algerian doctors to exchange medical experiments and scientific techniques between Algerian specialists and their Turkish counterparts to acquire new knowledge in the field.

Discussions with the Algerian and Turkish medical institutions are ongoing in order to achieve this strategic partnership, and even improve the care of patients, especially in medical oncology and pediatric cardiology, "a-t- he commented, adding further that Anadolu Medical Center prepared a study on deficits in Algeria. The study showed that patients in Algeria suffer from poor care in oncology and cardiology lack of resources and training in human resources. Thus, the Anadolu Medical Center opened its doors for a possible partnership with Algeria.

The same official discussed the technological innovation introduced in the treatment of cancers, namely the "Cyberknife", which is a radiation therapy equipment that can target the tumor without affecting healthy tissues devices. "With this new equipment, the cancer treatment duration was significantly reduced," he explained. "Sick from around the world prefer Anadolu Medical Center because they have standards of care for their country, ten times cheaper," says Ilker Alcin medical director. It is said that the price of treatments and examinations are 20 to 30% lower than in Europe, mainly because of lower wages. The Anadolu Group, however, invested heavily in equipment and medical expertise of teachers world-class medicine. Thus, any patient who contacts us will be covered even after 48 hours to the Algerians who usually ask us to patients who are suffering from heart disease and cancer, often at a very advanced stage. On simple remote contact by email, a second opinion is given to them for free, and the estimated cost of the intervention or treatment ... Thanks to heavy investments in the field of technology introduced in the treatment of diseases, Anadolu Medical Center records a very low rate of death in the cardiology department vasculaire.Plus 1,000 operations are performed each year. These operations are overseen by Professor Sertaç Cicek who is head of the department since 2009. The professor is currently president of the World Association of cardiac surgeons and pediatric cardiologists. In his speech, Professor Cicek Sertaç surprised us with his statements about the success rate on cardiac surgeries.

1000 operations on newborns of small weight (800 grams), and those aged 90 years, died just 0.48. A very high rate of hospital compared to other hospitals worldwide including Algeria suffers from a huge deficit in this specialty.
Anadolu, le centre médical turc, s’installera en Algérie, Un espoir pour les cancéreux

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