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domenica 6 settembre 2015

Algeria is the 11 consumer of alcohol in the world.

l’Algérie 11ème pays consommateur d’alcool au monde
The world organization for the production of wine has published statistics on the skills that control where it shows the production capacity of wine Algeria. On the one hand, these figures reflect the image of a country very deeply conservative and the other a 'Algeria, instead, always trying to give the image of a nation state-attentive to innovation and development and above up with Westerners.

In fact, with 627,000 hectoliters of wine production year, and then 62 million and 700 000 liters, which exported 800,000 hectoliters per year, Algeria is ranked second in Africa with its production of liquor, and # 5 Export-term shows the relationship of that organization. Worried, the latter issued the Algerian consumes 61 000 hectoliters of alcoholic beverage per year.
The same ratio is only 10.9 liters is the average consumption of each Algerian, and it is a figure that places Algeria in the 11th position in terms of alcohol consumption worldwide.

The same organization states that the rate of production of liquor is increasing in Algeria, compared to previous years. In particular, according to El Khabar, due to the expansion of the courses is designed to exploit this resource.

The order of this organization for public authorities would "develop standards for wine export abroad, the time that the data of the agricultural sector do not allow Algeria to challenge a number of other countries have seen the lack of resources and the currency convenient to deal with a challenge "

To remember, that when the former trade minister, Amara Benyounes ordered to liberalize the sale of alcohol in Algeria canceling the title of this License in the commercial, has, however, raised a marre criticism and opposition Islamists, moderates and conservatives, Algeria. A fact that led the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal to submit to Islamic law and to annul the decision taken by his former minister. These numbers meet the claims of these conservative nor make any appeal, of course ... but revealing nonetheless excessive adoration. Note, moderation is not the behavior known in this country. This is what promotes, in other words, the deviation towards debauchery ... we will be back, as it opens bluntly another part of the debate.


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