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venerdì 11 settembre 2015

The government "has not abandoned", the housing program for Algerians living abroad

Le gouvernement « n’a pas abandonné » le programme de logements pour les Algériens établis à l’étrangerThe Minister of Housing, Planning and the city Abdelmajid Tebboune said Thursday that the government "has not abandoned" the housing program for the Algerian community abroad, admitting that this case " complicated "poses difficulties of funding and availability of land plates.
"I would like to clarify some things: the President did not promise to reserve quotas (Algerians living abroad), except that during the last presidential campaign there were statements made on the initiative by the government, "said the minister responded to a question during a plenary session at the National People's Assembly.

"The initiative is still valid, but poses many problems," he confessed.

Mr. Tebboune recalled that a ministerial committee which included representatives from 17 ministries and banks had been installed in 2013 in order to find a formula suitable for community living abroad.

He recalled that the ministerial committee has already met to study the issue and find ways of implementing this program, which has received about 500,000 requests from the communities established in France alone, nearly equivalent to the number of subscribers AADL inside the country.

"However, this poses a problem of classification, financing and lack of property plates," he has said.

Mr. Tebboune said that the meeting of the commission to find an out-of Algerians living abroad who met in March 2014 resulted in the need to pay the price of housing in the currency and not dinar, so that only persons registered with the Consulates General of Algeria may agree with these accommodations.

"The initiative will come, but the current housing program for local subscribers is enormous," he said.

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