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giovedì 10 settembre 2015

Video. A journalist fired for taking to a refugee

The image, captured by a German journalist, is surprising. Motionless in the middle of a Hungarian field of cameramen filming police pursuing dozens of refugees who run in all directions. Suddenly, a man carrying a child collapses and starts shouting. He just fell because of a cameraman who made him tripped.
In other images, the same woman, identified as Petra Laszo appears giving kicks to a child.
According to The Washington Post, which reported the case, the operator was employed by the Hungarian channel N1 online channel near the far-right Jobbik party, which said on its website to have dismissed "with immediate effect "after" unacceptable behavior. " The incident allegedly occurred on Tuesday in the Roeszke camp, if one believes the statement.
The border between Hungary and Serbia in recent months has become one of the main crossing points used by tens of thousands of migrants, including many Syrians fleeing the war, to win the European Union.
More than 160,000 migrants illegally crossing the Hungarian border since the beginning of the year, including during the 2706 Monday alone, according to Budapest. The government of Viktor Orban also multiplies the measures (laws, wall ...) against this influx.

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