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giovedì 10 settembre 2015

Une femme … à l’algérienne !"In the liberal rhetoric, moral values ​​are no longer taught or transmitted by example and argument, but would still be" imposed "on willing victims. Any attempt to rally for someone to his own point of view, or even expose him a different view of his, is experienced as an attack on freedom of choice. These attitudes obviously prohibit any public debate on values. "Christopher Lasch
I understand from a publication of photos on Facebook, the Algerians were accustomed to dress in European fashion, as they say! The person who posted those photos uploaded, in an explicit way, that was especially true before the arrival of bearded! So before 1988/89! I did not know, my age probably the cause, that Algeria was so "civilized" before the arrival of the FIS and Co.!

You can well imagine, I guess! To tell you how sad it is, I said that the person who posted those pictures is simply a teacher at the university! Hence this article, my humble reaction to try to clarify certain ideas conveyed by such people.

Indeed, these speculations are part of a large-scale humbug! There are certainly a part of the population, especially in large cities, particularly Algiers, and helping colonization, which is "westernized", but it is far from the case throughout the plebs, which obviously had other fish to fry ... there were many cats at that time elsewhere!

Plus, you only have to look the part of women who wore the "haik" at this time to understand that this is far from being that simple. I still remember my mother who did not go out without wearing it and even my grandmothers. And it does not go back to the thirties!

I'll spare you a dissertation on the clothes worn by the Algerian, whose tendency is to call them traditional or even ugly. The example of the Kabyle dress is showing. The woman who manifests door, a hand, a cultural attachment to its origins and on the other hand, modesty ... exemplary.

These concepts, identity and ethics, are sacred in some people, like us, Algerians, who do not want to be assimilated all-out Western. I specify, it is obvious, at least theoretically, that these values ​​are also valid for men and not just for women in a misogynist perspective.

But, "you may're wild, away from civilization," tell me arrogant West. I remind him that it was just the way we think modesty in a woman. Our system of ideas was well designed and we have not asked others to do like us.

Everyone should have a free choice in the matter! In its choices, values ​​may in no case claim universality or accuracy in any place and any time. Everyone in a peaceful compared with others, should respect the ways of others.

That said, for my part, I can not despise a woman because her way of dressing is not the European way, or because she was inspired by her relationship with God and his faith. And if she is wearing a "hijab," I have to respect that choice!

"At best, it is retrograde and submit the woman with the shawl over the head," tell me a pioneering humanist to defend his idea of ​​progress and modernity! A liberal phraseology would use a different meaning, more or less the same, but as part of the defense of a consumer and a global market, which should not interfere with cultural attachments and identity, which hinder free enterprise and any attempt to emancipation.

For them, I will tell them that in our way of conceiving the world and social relations that govern our society, there is no place for this kind of gaucho-Trotskyist nonsense and everyone knows, should be , duties before claiming his rights ... The perversion faced by companies is related, more or less, to exogenous intentions are not always in good faith, far from that! "? Cultural mass or popular culture" and in his excellent essay, C. LASCH wrote: "A truly modern culture has never summarized in a simple repudiation of" traditional patterns "; on the contrary, it is their persistence that drew much of its strength. "

These "new wisdom" that make any woman "hijab" submitted a brainless, are the work of some hypocrites humanists who defended the woman to throw to the exploitative capitalism jaws. They will get her out of his home to let in a factory or in a mall if you like, where it should behave like a man! For his sake, perhaps? Not at all ! It is for the sole benefit of capitalist slavery, who would not hesitate one second to turn if, unfortunately, she wishes to have the life of a happy mother.

That said, I want to know that, like all of you, women with "hijab" and who are teachers at the university! Furthermore, you have crossed, at one time or another, a woman wearing a "hijab" while your doctor!

However, this kind of "snapshot" that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, is simply reductive and dismissive! As if one could measure the intellect of a woman at her dress! Pathetic is what shortcuts, but is attracting more and more "naive" people with good faith, which does not distinguish between civilization and modernity!

You should know that even atheists or non-believers if you want to have more respect for a girl with a "hijab" and who can prove his skills with his brain and despise, as I was witness, kind of girl who tries to impress you with his bare chest to hide her chronic mediocrity!

Incidentally, I'll tell you a story that happened to me with an Algerian friend. Anyway, one day we walked in a business district in Paris and crossed dressed people coming out, more or less in classic. However, the only reflection that had this friend who told me about my heart is telling me that she dreamed and still dream out of his office like all these women, dressed for the majority with short skirts! I believe this is not likely to surprise you, because it is the "standardization" of standards that is the cause. But I forgot to tell you that my friend has already "Westernized" to its way of imitating, smoking is.

However, this challenge to the will of "westernisation" of Algerian society is not preparing the ground for any "orientalization" of the company. That would be dishonest. Their culture is not ours either. Everyone has different customs and traditions. Notice that I do, in any case, the link with the values ​​advocated by Islam as a religion. Those are universal in nature. Of course for other religions. Islam as a civilization (allusions to practices which fall outside of the faith) is another issue that I can not discuss here.

That said, I ask myself the question: Are there still an authentic East? The answer is no, of course. None of this part of the world is spared from the "standardization" of spirits, if not westernization of his manners. And nothing can remain inaccessible to the Western capitalist gadgets, at least in part of its manufacturing process. A tire example, Ali Shariati tells how they sold two modern Renault cars, with a gold border, for a chef nomadic tribe, located in a wooded and mountainous area along the river Chad, Africa. Where there is no suggestion that they can ride one day (see "Civilization and Modernization").

Finally, and to sum up the situation, I appeal to the Iranian sociologist who wrote in "Civilization and Modernization", which the European influence on the non-European world "created people who do not know their own culture, but are always ready to despise. They know nothing about Islam but say bad things about him. They can not understand a simple poem, but they criticize with poorly chosen words. They do not understand their history, but are willing to condemn. "

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