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venerdì 11 settembre 2015

The Yak-130 which only Russia and Algeria, a "small nightmare" for NATO

Le Yak-130, que possèdent seulement la Russie et l’Algérie, un « petit cauchemar » pour l’Otan
The famous Yak-130 advanced trainer Russian hunter, is called a "little nightmare" by US specialists, according to the American bimonthly magazine The National Interest.
The Yak-130 has several features that alert NATO.
The Yak-130 is a highly maneuverable aircraft, subsonic with a range of 2,000 kilometers and a maximum speed of 1060 km / h in level flight. It can carry a payload of 3 tons combat modern weapons, such as air-air or air-to-ground missiles, guided bombs or unguided and rockets.
The device has a tandem cockpit, pressurized and air conditioned, two-seater equipped with ejection seat type zero-zero (zero altitude, zero speed). The Yak-130 is the first Russian aircraft with a fully digital avionics suite.
The command Algeria 52 Yak-130
As an advanced training aircraft, Yak-130 is suitable for pilot training or retraining to allow to pass on the fourth and fifth generation aircraft.
It also can perform various kinds of missions such as ground attack and reconnaissance missions.
In addition, a Yak-130 fully equipped and filled weighs 10,300 tons making a little more than half the weight of a multi-role fighter F-16 is the main aircraft used by the United States and by their allies.
Currently, the Yak-130 are in service only in the army of the Algerian air which received its first aircraft at the same time that the Russian army.
Algeria has ordered 16 aircraft in 2009, and the first copy Algerian flew 21 August 2009. The Algerians were waiting for the end of the Russian tests before taking possession of their own devices. In 2013, Algeria has ordered another 52 Yak-130 of which 36 are being delivered.
Belarus has ordered 4 aircraft to be delivered in 2015. In 2013, Bangladesh revealed his interest in 24 copies, which were ordered in January 2014.
Used in the fight against terrorism
Experts in defense equipment now believe that light combat aircraft have a bright future ahead of them. The demand for this type of aircraft is rising because of low intensity conflicts and anti-terrorist operations that multiply in the world.
The Yak-130 that can be used from unpaved runways and small unprepared airfields, already plays a major role in the anti terrorism in Algeria because it has the advantage of being light, small and silent. The Department of National Defence (DND) has added to its armament, a gun Pod that goes under the belly of the aircraft, with a capacity of 700-800 mini shells.
In addition to the strikes against ground targets, the Yak 130 quadrille the southern Algeria for the purpose of recognizing what makes this multi-role aircraft a formidable offensive tool.

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