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martedì 22 settembre 2015

Deficit of trade and economic crisis Exports down sharply from 39.67%

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The trade balance recorded a deficit of 9.06 billion dollars during the first eight months of 2015, against a surplus of 4.32 billion dollars in the same period of 2014, announced the Algerian Customs.

From January to August, exports totaled 26.36 billion dollars (billion dollars) against 43.69 billion dollars in the same period of 2014, a drop of 39.67%, say the data of the National Centre IT and statistics of Customs (CNIS). As for imports, they totaled 35.42 billion dollars against 39.37 billion dollars during the same period of the previous year (-10.02%), the source added.

Exports have provided coverage of imports by 74% in the first eight months of 2015 against 111% for the same period last year. Exports of oil, which accounted for 94.51% of total exports during the reference period, were valued at 24.91 billion dollars against 42.29 billion dollars in the same period of 2014, recording a decrease of 41, 10%.

As for non-hydrocarbon exports, they still remain low with about 5.5% of the total volume of exports, nearly 1.45 billion USD. The products excluding hydrocarbons exported are made of semi-finished products including group md usd 1.17 (+ 7.62%), food goods with usd 186 million (-11.43%), gross revenue with 69 million usd ( -10.45%), the industrial equipment with 13 million usd (+ 8.24%) and non-food consumer goods with 7 million usd (-4.21%).

As for imports, with the exception of agricultural capital goods, which increased by over 14% to $ 470 million usd, all imports of other products declined. The largest decreases were recorded for crude products with imports of md usd 1.07 (-19.32%), food products with nearly 6.41 billion dollars (- 17.94%), consumer goods not food with 5.94 billion dollars (- 15.14%), the group energy and lubricants with 1.64 billion (-8.45%), the demiproduits with 8.04 billion dollars (-7.66%) and the industrial equipment with 11.84 billion dollars (-3.80%).

Trade deficit in August

As for the trade balance in August 2015, she has also experienced a deficit of 869 million usd against a surplus of 657 million usd in the same month in 2014. Exports reached nearly 3.25 billion dollars against 5.50 billion dollars in the same month of 2014 (-40.83%), while imports amounted to 4.12 billion dollars against 4.84 billion dollars (-14.89%). Exports of oil were estimated at 3.05 billion dollars against 5.37 billion dollars in the same month in 2014 (-43.23%).

The non-oil exports in August amounted to 6.32% of total exports, amounting to 206 million against 130 million usd usd to the same month in 2014, up nearly 58.46%.

In May 2015, Algeria's top six customers were Italy (631 million usd), France (511 million usd), Spain (444 million usd), Britain (323 million usd) and Turkey (211 million usd). As for the main suppliers of Algeria, China has maintained its first place with (673 million usd), followed by France (495 million usd), Italy (384 million usd), Spain (338 million usd) and Germany (281 million usd).

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