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giovedì 24 settembre 2015

The ambiguity continues through 2015 ...

Slimane Melab
Slimane Melab
Ambiguity leads to despair melancholia, total confusion, depression moral and subsequent physical, to disappointment, to regret, anger, incomprehension, the deviation, the big mistake turns its victims, the confusone, comes the psychologist but it is too late, the symptoms of a chronic disease, the hospital doors that open, they start the treatment without interactive results. The patient comes out and takes its looks and the vital rhythms. You try again and again to new disorders of the nervous system, this time, it is better to go to the mountains, to breathe fresh air, blue skies, green land and the spring, the silence that filled nature with the songs of birds They raise morale and enhance the sad hearts and weakens the stress and anguish. Human diseases, healed by the nature that is always needed, as the wind, the rain, the snow clean nature, the water that watered the plants. The environment, the swollen rivers, the sea with its immensity, the savannas, the lungs of the world, which are destroyed little by little, we trace the streets in the center of life, the incendiamo foresti burning thousands of hectares of fields and wildlife, animals fleeing and others dying. Nuclear testing around the world, creating diseases, investing in medicines to cure the evil of our hands. The man produces weapons to create wars where peace prevails, a population is reduced, as a result of his injuries, and then sell the drugs is supported for later use and make a profit, the fight, always fighting for survival, egoism, individualism, competition, going to resist until the end, strength, supremacy, development, high technology, power, determination, choice, class distinction, and poverty wealth, luxury homes, luxury villas, impoverished shacks completely degraded, the favelas, capitalism, the modern bourgeoisie. The twenty-first century of the economic crisis, global poverty, speculators, profiteers, murderers, terrorists, racism and religion, the differences, the absolute disaster, this is our world, the world of evil that continues to multiply .

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