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mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

Nanotechnology: Opening at the end of September of the mega Central African

Nanotechnologie : Inauguration fin septembre de la méga centrale africaineThe first Central mega-scale technology, dedicated to the production of chips and electronic circuits, and specialized in nanotechnology, will be inaugurated at the end of September, it announced ODA an official of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Calling it "the jewel of technology" and "cutting-edge research in Algeria," the director general of scientific research and technological development in the ministry of higher education and in the era of scientific research, Prof. Hafiz Aourag, said this center "strategic" will create a "revolution" in the field of nanotechnology and manufacture of electronic chips and other integrated electronic components and communication systems.

After the phase of experiments at the Development Centre of advanced Baba Hassan (Algiers), the plant enters its production stage.

"All chips and electronic components, computer chips and other chips used in portable biometric documents, such as bank cards Chifa cards, which are imported from abroad," he said.

With the implementation of this service center, operators can acquire Algerian electronic components locally, are now forced to import, noted Prof. Aourag which ensures that the production of this structure "is a promising future on the international market."

The technology that we are developing in other countries has been abandoned for cost reasons. But it is still used worldwide by industry. He 'a further 20 or 30 years before moving to a new generation, "he further explained.

About 25 Algerian researchers have been working on this technology and mega, estimated to cost $ 22 million and whose material has been acquired by the United States, while the structure was built by the Germans.

The management of this structure, 100% financed by Algeria, will be entrusted to a group of several ministries and concerns, including higher education, National Defense, the Interior, Industry, Health and Emergency Preparedness

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