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sabato 31 ottobre 2015

CEO Ival revealed yesterday: the Iveco production in 2016 in Bouira

567.jpgIval CEO Mohamed Bairi, unveiled yesterday at Bouira, the contours of the future assembly plant for commercial vehicles of the Italian brand Iveco, during a meeting with local authorities devoted to the presentation of the project.
It's official, the future plant will be located in the industrial zone of Sidi Khaled, in the commune of Oued El Bardi, 10 km from the capital of the wilaya of Bouira. The Sidi Khaled site, which currently extends over an area of ​​225 hectares and stretch over 190 hectares, is already home to dozens of projects investments include dry port Sovac dealers. According to Mr. Bairi, the future plant to be located on an area of ​​10 hectares will go into production later this year in 2016, more precisely in November. Initially, it is planned assembly 1500 such vehicles Iveco Daily, did we do know. The assembly capacity will reach 6,000 units after three years of entry into production. It should be noted that in addition to Iveco Daily, it is planned installation of two other products, namely the Eurocargo and Trakker. The subcontracting component was one of the points raised during the meeting. Thus and according to the CEO of Ival, is ZF Algeria and SNVI that will provide the speed boxes. An agreement to this effect has already been signed between the two partners. Asked about the project's impact on employment in the region, CEO Ival will know that between 3000 and 4000 direct and indirect jobs will be created. Mr. Bairi returned to his presentation on the siting of Sidi Khaled he will say that it is not accidental. For him, near the Sidi Khaled site of the East-West Highway and unloading areas are significant assets, which have governed the choice of the site. The member of the CTF, also raised the possibility of going to the export of vehicles produced in Bouira. According to him, the conquest of Africa is marked among the objectives of this investment.
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