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martedì 20 ottobre 2015

The verdict will be pronounced on Wednesday

Le verdict sera prononcé ce mercredi
The president of the criminal court of Sidi M'hamed has delivered its verdict next Wednesday, in the case of the former CEO of Sonelgaz and 26 other defendants on trial in a case of embezzlement.
The prosecutor of the tribunal, Bouabdellah Hattem, last September had requested sentences ranging from 7 to 10 years in prison and a fine of one million dinars against 27 former directors and former officials of various agencies and subsidiaries of Sonelgaz, headed the former CEO Bitouni Mustapha, who had served in the early 2000s.
The prosecutor considered that all forensic evidence and material related to the charges were formal, especially with regard to the mismanagement of the affairs of society.
Respondents were charged with several charges, including forgery and use of forgery of official documents, the overhead, influence peddling and the profession for personal gain.
The defendants are accused of having created not less than 6,000 fake invoices at the expense of many state institutions, such as the Presidency of the Republic, the Department of National Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and the units of government and military premises located on the outskirts of the capital.
Persons indicted in positions of responsibility within the various sales offices located in the wilaya of Algiers, with trade and financial managers.
The defendants, who managed the bar to answer the serious charges brought against them by the judges of the Indictment Division of the Court of Algiers, were unanimous in declaring the president in charge of the case Djidor Naima, there is nothing in the case of appropriation embezzlement, saying that "the anomalies and deficiencies existed even before that are appointed as officials in the various sales offices."
It should be noted that the investigating judge to conduct the inquiry issued an order of dismissal in favor of all respondents.
However, the prosecutor appealed to the indictment division of the Court of Algiers, chaired by Zigha Djamila, the first woman prosecutor in the court of Boumerdes.
She had not only annulled the judge's decision, but also ordered the transfer of the case to the criminal court, claiming that each of the defendants involved in the case had some responsibility, especially with regard to their direct involvement in false and surcharges.
Everyone involved appeared before the president of the section of flagrant crimes, according to the notices were sent to them by a bailiff.
Defense attorneys who have succeeded in their observations consider that the judges of the division accused of Algiers court had committed a miscarriage of justice by referring the case to the criminal court for the simple reason that the Indictment section of the Supreme Court had confirmed the order of the trial judge then instructed the judicial investigation.
Finally, they called for the implementation of articles relating to extinguishment public for all respondents, arguing that the complaints were not submitted in a timely manner. The case dates back to the early 2000s when they were recorded at the Registry in 2008

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