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martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Freedom of worship in Algeria - The State Department of the United States back to the load

Liberté de culte en Algérie – Le Département d’état américain revient à la charge
Algiers, capital of Algeria.
This is another report from the US State Department that the Algerian authorities, as has often happened in recent months, you do not appreciate. On Wednesday, the US equivalent of the Foreign Ministry has cracked a report on religious freedom in our country.
The on International Religious Freedom Report does not hide, indeed, but praise in Algeria whose "governance practices restricting freedom of worship", concluded the administration of John Kerry.
This is not the Algerians as problematic, these, from the American point of view, tolerate foreigners and citizens of other religions other than Islam.
Considerations rather bureaucratic and practices of the Algerian Government that restrict religious freedoms in the country in which the Americans, they say, documented violations of freedom of worship whose lawsuits against individuals not observing the fasting month of Ramadan, even those accused of proselytism. Practical, note the Americans, in contrast with the Constitution of our country, which still guarantees the inviolable right of opinion and belief, but actually have, for example, won a court ruling citizen and harassment another.
Analysts of the US State Department refers, in fact, the case of Mohamed Ibaouene, a Christian sentenced in 2012 to one year in prison for trying to convert a Muslim, and that Abdelkrim Siaghi, a convert to Christianity condemned in 2011-5 years in prison for "insulting the Prophet."
Of the 38.8 million Algerians, 99% are Sunni Muslims, said the document, which estimated that fewer than 200 Jews and between 20,000 and 100,000 Christians living in Algeria, most of them live in big cities as Algiers, Oran and Annaba.
Barriers that religious associations meet to obtain legal status are similar to those faced by other entities not religious, civil society organizations, non-governmental and other reports the administration of John Kerry.
In general, to avoid having to do justice and society, Christians and Jews in Algeria are forced to adopt a "low profile", say the authors of the report that fail to address some basics Algerian Constitution, which provides for instance that excludes non-Muslims to run for the presidency and other principles, that, between the lines of the many paragraphs of the report, which seem incongruous.

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