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mercoledì 28 ottobre 2015

Video. Echorouk "Inquiry" on Christians in Algeria

Vidéo. Echourouk «Enquête» sur les chrétiens en Algérie

Slimane Melab
The god is unique and this is written in all religions. Every man for himself and God is for everyone. Let's stop éloger we ourselves, after death no one returned to unveil the truth, alas that we would know after all our end, but we can never tell anyone.

Finally my wish and my great desire will conclude ??? If I am president of the Algerian republic I will allow the opening of all the churches, all the synagogues and build other temples of all other religions. I will allow the practice of all religions in order to give the opportunity to everyone to feel free spiritually and physically. I will apply Article 2 of human rights in the fields in all its social and familial forms.

To live in peace, it is necessary first of all the offrire other.

Before being loved you must love. When we hate someone may be hated by everyone.

The god has created a multicolored land in all its forms:

First a variety of plants and flowers, a variety of animals of all colors such as fish, birds and land animals and ultimately humans also multicolored, black, white, yellow, brown, and red as well and religions, each applies the cult and religion around him and his tribe, his country today.

Peace will come one day if we all human beings we would respect us as god created us. The superior race has not been found, the true religion is that each of us practice with his faith, culture is the best one with which we grew up. I have to respect the religion of others and autruies crops to be mutually respected.

Good and evil exist throughout all human races such as animal and vegetable ones (venineuses of plants).

This land gave birth to incredibly contrasts in all areas and even in the climatic, geological or archaeological.

Love is the only remedy for peace in the total freedom.

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