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sabato 10 ottobre 2015

Now smoking in public places is chargeable: a fine of 2000-5000 From

Désormais fumer dans un lieu public se paye : Une amende de 2000 à 5000 DA

Measure the new health law could be fined for smoking in public places until 2000 DA (Algerian currency) or 5000 DA for repeat offenders.
However, regulations against smoking in public places, still unknown by citizens, the lack of awareness and consciousness. Health professionals recommend, in this direction and before the application of this new measure, an explanation of work and extension to citizens in order to get a better understanding of the problem and, therefore, lead to the expected objectives.
Dr. Mustapha Moussaoui, president of the association "El Badr" the fight against cancer, said, meanwhile, that the ban must go through stages, "raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco, the creation of smoke-free zones, with a reservation place dedicated exclusively to smoking in businesses followed by a total ban on smoking before taking a fine against the person and the owner of the place of the crime. "
The fight against this scourge that threatens public health is a "social challenge", said last Wednesday the Minister of Health, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Anti-Tobacco. Believe that Algeria is exposed to the danger of smoking, the minister referred to the survey conducted by the ministry revealed that rates of tobacco use among those aged 15-75 years was 15.3% and 8.8 % among young people aged between 13 and 15 years. More precisely, a study on smoking in schools, conducted by the department of medicine of Oran, reported that 9% of primary school students in Oran smoke.
The study also finds that 13% of young students are smokers and 21% in the secondary and 5% of girls, according to the results of a survey targeting 18 EMC and 14 high schools in the city of Oran, notes the same source which states that 14% of smokers are parents. In addition, 13% of kiosks and tobacco shops are nearby educational institution, the same survey reveals. In light of these figures, the minister called for "strengthening the law and ensure the strict application". "The legal arsenal implemented by the State requested a more rigorous," he insisted. Abdelmalek Boudiaf recalled that many diseases are related to smoking such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, emphasizing the need for Algeria to deal with this scourge especially since ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. In this context, the Ministry of Health has made the fight against smoking as a strategic axis of the multisectoral national plan for the fight against non-communicable diseases. The strategy should not only involve health professionals, but also involves all the other ministries partners, civil society and the media

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