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venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

The DGN install cameras in local police custody

A148e7da9cd2f10aba4b9c8dfff4a5db7f_L-500x283.jpgThe General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) innovated by deciding to install video surveillance cameras in places where citizens in detention, according to the comments Thursday in Oran by the Director General of National Security, Major General Abdelghani Hamel.
"With these cameras, you can have remote room temperature, to know if a particular agitation, if the person inside has not changed for over 4 hours and the expiry of the police custody", said the head of the National Police.
With these cameras placed in the custody of the local police, the officers of the order in real time, check to see that they are well preserved.
General Hamel also stressed the upgrade of these facilities with the new measures provided for by law in particular through better conditions for the detention.
In this context, DGN announced that the format for the meeting between the accused and his lawyer will enter into force early next year

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