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venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

Issad rebrab confirms the rumor about his arrest: "They try to silence me. But I will not shut up

Issad Rebrab confirme la rumeur sur son arrestation : « On cherche à me faire taire. Mais je ne vais pas me taire »
Issad Rebrab
A rumor spread on social networks that ask for an arrest warrant against the CEO of the largest private industrial group Algerian was just confirmed by Issad rebrab him through an interview with the electronic journal All of Algeria "The voice is based. We try to silence me. But I will not keep quiet. Instead of awareness of the seriousness of things, are doing well. Instead of calling me to talk, talk of the blocks and the future of our country, these people want to stop to silence me. They try to to silence those who are critical, who speak and ask legitimate questions about the future of our country. "
Issad Rebrad said that his criticism "After talking. Having denounced the obstacles which are unacceptable object. The current rulers are the biggest dangers for our country. They accuse me of having used equipment imported for planting Brandt Setif. Wrong. Journalists can go there to check and see the lie. They can also come to our factories in France to see that no application has been renovated to send old equipment in Algeria. "Before explaining" These are excuses for blocks of all our projects and not only Brandt. Already in 2014, when we acquired Brandt was asked the opportunity to transfer our money to purchase. The Prime Minister had referred the ball in the Governor of the Central Bank. There was permission to transfer. Finally, with the help of the French Government and the French banks that have financed this important acquisition for us and for Algeria. We did not receive a single dollar in Algeria for this project. Despite this, Sellal had sent a letter to TRACFIN asking him to investigate us. Since they have had to tell him that everything was transparent. Because we are transparent. Everything we do is transparent. This is not the case of the Algerian government and his friends who work in haze. "
Businessman African elected CEO of the year in Brazil is a mission, at least until 16 October. "Once I finish my work, I see. Of course, if I have no insurance, I delay my return. I'm not afraid of them. What I said I guess. I always thought to myself. 'Promising to reveal to the people of Algeria others serious matter "I have more revelations to make. The Algerian people know the truth. They are in the wrong. They do not want to hear about real things. They want everyone to caress the grain. They are wrong in our country. We can not let that destroy further. They do not want dialogue with people who offer different things. Once again, I will not shut up. I will spare homeland. "We need changes sides fear", to paraphrase Mr. Reda Malek. "
To recall, the Minister of Industry, in response to a declaration of Issad rebrab who complained of bureaucratic obstacles, accused of trying to fool the Algerian Government under the redemption Brandt factory in France, particularly the overhead old equipment in Algeria . "On the acquisition of the Brandt, France, said Bouchouareb, conditions that were asked by the French partner had to renew equipment. Rebrab took the old system and wanted to introduce in my country against a value of 5.7 million Euros when is the owner, "he added." If he prefers to provide new equipment The French, who should not interfere in this. By contrast, for the Algerian people, just send old equipment and, in addition, an amount that is twice the acquisition of all the assets, "he insisted. Issad rebrab had immediately refuted the minister acknowledge that he is. He launched his challenge to speak face to face on TV. About outdated equipment of Issad rebrab import charge it indicated that the production line has wanted to import was made up of "75% of new equipment." "The Minister may come Setif and see for yourself the factory, "There was even launched.

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