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sabato 17 ottobre 2015

The President has ordered an investigation of the funds invested by Rebrab in France?

La présidence ordonne une enquête sur les fonds investis par Rebrab en France ?
Issad Rebrab
The case Rebrab-Bouchouareb takes other dimensions, mutual accusations and very severe involvement of different political and economic actors in the controversy that hit the canvas and traditional media.
The electronic magazine is MondAfrique Just mix and reveal that "Isaad Rebrab, the richest man in Algeria, is the subject of an investigation ordered by the President of the Algerian Republic. At issue in particular, the funds invested in France."
Believing in MA, the palace of El-Mouradia ordered Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal investigate the group Cevital, including funds that are allowed to invest in the establishment of Brandt in France.
The CEO of the largest private group in Algeria reportedly said control register that is within the law, "I have always acted in a transparent manner. The French authorities were informed of the nature of the funds invested and no complaints"
To recall, the Minister of Industry, in response to a declaration of Issad rebrab who complained of bureaucratic obstacles, accused of trying to fool the Algerian Government under the redemption Brandt factory in France, particularly the overhead old equipment in Algeria . "On the acquisition of the Brandt, France, said Bouchouareb, conditions that were asked by the French partner had to renew equipment. Rebrab took the old system and wanted to introduce in my country against a value of 5.7 million Euros when is the owner, "he added." If he prefers to provide new equipment The French, who should not interfere in this. By contrast, for the Algerian people, just send old equipment and, in addition, an amount that is twice the acquisition of all the assets, "he insisted. Issad rebrab had immediately refuted the minister acknowledge that he is. He launched his challenge to speak face to face on TV. About outdated equipment of Issad rebrab import charge it indicated that the production line has wanted to import was made up of "75% of new equipment." "The Minister may come Setif and see for yourself the factory, "There was even launched.

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