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martedì 5 gennaio 2016

How much they spend yearly on food the families of Algerian power

281b4d7dedcbbf3385e2abc55a60713f_L.jpgGlobal annual spending power of households are about 1.875 billion Algerian dinars (DA billion euro), almost 42% of their total annual spending of consumers, the APS learned from the National Statistics (ONS).
Between 2000 and 2011, spending on food by households has almost tripled since they were almost 683 billion DA in 2000, show the results of a survey conducted in 2011 by the ONS on consumer spending and the level of life Algerian families, published Sunday.
In place of residence, annual food expenses in urban areas reached 1.281 billion DA in 2011 (against 449 billion DA in 2000), while in rural areas, were 594 billion DA (against 281 billion DA).
It was found that the budget share of food expenditure in total consumer spending fell in 2011 to stand at 41.8% against 44.6% in 2000.
Depending on the standard of living of households, the share of these expenses is even higher in urban areas, said the survey shows that the higher the standard of living increases, the gap between the costs of the two means widens in favor urban.
Grain products at the forefront of food expenditure
By product group, the study of the NSO shows that grains occupy the first place in the family budget, with 17.5% of the total food expenditure, followed by vegetables (13.4%), red meat (13.3% ), dairy products (8.4%), poultry (8.3%), oils and fats (7.1%) and fruit (5.1%).
As with other food expenses (restaurants, sandwich, school lunches, cakes ceremony ...), representing 7.6% of total food spending.
According to the NSO social categories divided into five groups, it increases the level of spending, of course, with the evolution of living standards of families.
Thus, for the group with the highest standard of living, absorbing 31.4% of the total expenditure on food versus 10.8% for the social category at the lowest level of life.
By product group, the share of national expenditure for the purchase of grain products and vegetables is twice among the poorest families most favored over, while triple for white meat and dried fruit, red meat for four and six times to fish.
Depending on the type of domestic habitat, food bills are higher among those living in villas, as they are thinner in those living in precarious buildings.
Thus, the annual average cost food for families who live in a house or villa phase is estimated at 314,000 DA, while just under 300,000 people living in buildings DA, DA 280,000 in traditional houses (Haouch) and 230,000 DA in homes precarious.
Taking as a criterion per capita (not domestic), annual food expenditure is estimated at 51 076 DA or DA 52,634 urban and 48,013 in rural areas DA.
This average significantly changes depending on the level of life: for food expenditure per capita is the average of over 80,000 AD / year between rich and a bit 'more than 27,000 AD / year among the poorest.
Food expenditure: breakdown (BOX)
In 2011, households spent 1.875 billion dinars (DA billion euro) to meet their food needs. The breakdown of this expenditure by product group and sub-groups that were spending more:
-1- Grain Products: DA 327 400 000 000 of which:
- Semolina: 103200000000 DA
- Pain: 71600000000 FROM
- Flour: 39.5 billion DA
- Galette 17.8 billion DA
- Frik, mermez 7.6 billion DA
-2- Fresh vegetables: BE 251 000 000 000 including:
- Potato: 62.3 billion DA
- Tomatoes: 28.1 billion DA
- Onion dry: 16.5 billion DA
- Peppers: 15.8 billion DA
- Lettuce: 14.8 billion DA
-3- Mutton: DA 193.1 billion, including:
- Meat: 188700000000 DA
- Offal: 4.4 billion DA
-4- Beef Beef: DA 51.8 billion, including:
- Beef meat: 42.2 billion DA
- Derivatives (mergaz, cachir, canned meat ...): 8.3 billion DA
- Beef and beef offal 1.4 billion DA
-5-Poultry, rabbits and game: DA 156 billion, including:
- Chicken: 112300000000 DA
- Eggs: 31 billion DA
- Turkey: 9.4 billion DA
- Offal and maintains 2.8 billion DA
-6- Fish: DA 26.4 billion, including:
- Sardines: 16 billion DA
- Other fresh fish, crustaceans and molluscs 5.1 billion DA
- Sardines, canned tuna and other fish: 4.05 billion DA
- Frozen fish or frozen 1.3 billion DA
-7- Dairy: 158030000000 DA
- Bag Milk or bricks: 61020000000 DA
- Milk powder 25.3 billion DA
- Yogurt flavored or plain 19.6 billion DA
- Portion of Cheese 12.9 billion DA
- Whey 9.7 billion DA
-8- Oils and fats: BE 133 400 000 000 of which:
- Oil (soybean, sunflower ...): 82.7 billion DA
- Olive oil: 30.1 billion DA
- Margarine 10.3 billion DA
- Butter package: 3.2 billion DA
- Soumaa (plant-based): 2.7 billion DA
-9 Fresh fruit: DA 95.04 billion, of which:
- Oranges: 18 billion DA
- Apples: 16 billion DA
- Watermelons: 12060000000 DA
- Bananas: 10 billion DA
- Grape 8.3 billion DA
-10- Sugar and products: DA 74.9 billion including:
- Granulated sugar 45.8 billion DA
- Chocolate in bar of 5 billion DA
- Pure honey 4.6 billion DA
- Candy and chewing gum, 4.4 billion DA
- Jams, compotes and jelly 3.2 billion DA
- Ice cream: 2.6 billion DA
-11- Soft drinks: DA 70.04 billion, of which:
- Lemonade (soda): 40.7 billion DA
- Fruit juices: 19.8 billion DA
- Mineral water: 5.9 billion DA
- Mineral water sparkling flavored 1.9 billion DA
-12- Coffee, tea and infusions: DA 61.1 billion, including:
- Ground Coffee: 43700000000 FROM
- Tea: 8010000000 DA
- Coffee beans: 7.2 billion DA
- Tea and herbal 1.3 billion DA
-13- Other food expenses: DA 142.7 billion, of which:
- Ceremonies food expenditure (festivals ...): 61.7 billion DA
- Coffee and Tea (outside the home): 30 billion DA
- Snack and sandwich: 24.1 billion DA
- Restaurants and food prepared 22.7 billion DA.

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