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martedì 5 gennaio 2016

Rail transport Trains back on track

arton78506.jpgStarted last Wednesday, the railway strike ended yesterday. At the station in Algiers Agha, travelers have returned to their favorite means of transport.
Students, university employees have reinvested the piers. With the end of school holidays and university, some have breathed a sigh of relief because just on the outskirts of Algiers, 80,000 people travel daily by train. Yet, the railroad not to regret those days of protest.
The death of their colleague, an assistant engineer on Tuesday, in a crash between a passenger train and a truck carrying sand to a level crossing unguarded exit from the station Akbou Bejaia wilaya, is the straw that broke the camel . It also states that many of their comrades were killed in the same circumstances. Just last year, no fewer than fifteen employees are dead.
"The issue of signage involving different areas," said an official at the station Agha. "It ''s all business, because an accident with a train is a traffic problem," he said. According to him, the local authorities and the Department of Public Works (DTP) should create bumps in the vicinity of the pass and the signs clearly visible to avoid risks knowing that the speed of 80 kilometers per hour, a train can not begin to slow until stop 900 meters before. Still, this means of transport is favored by the people. "Just on the outskirts of Algiers, 80,000 passengers use the train every day," said the official.
After the death of a controller, three weeks ago in Sidi Bel-Abbes and an assistant engineer on Tuesday in Bejaia, the general direction of the National Company for Rail Transport (SNTF) and the Ministry of Transport they have taken a series of measures to eliminate level crossings. To this end, studies were conducted to vested. Moreover, it is expected binary non intersects the road. On another level, awareness days and open houses are planned to educate drivers to comply with the reporting of level crossings, the number 1500 on 4000 kilometers of track, not counting illegal crossings.
According to the official station Agha, these are implemented by the P / APC to switch tractors or cattle "at risk the lives of the employees of the SNTF and travelers."
Rabea F.

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