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venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Stepping up the fight against terrorism: the criminalization of the phenomenon of foreign fighters

e2e17c28374132786f9afc71569c12b1_L.jpgThe improvements to the penal code proposed in the draft law discussed Wednesday at the Council of Ministers are to criminalize and punish the departure of Algerian nationals or foreigners living in Algeria, in another State, to commit or train to commit terrorist acts.
The improvements offered by this bill are before prosecute and punish "the departure of Algerian nationals or foreigners living in Algeria, in another State, to commit, train or inciting to commit terrorist acts, the financing and organization of operations travel in a State, for the purposes mentioned, "said the statement of the Council of Ministers chaired by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
These acts are committed, "through technology and communication or by other means," the statement said.
It 'also to blame and punish "acts recruiting on behalf of associations, organizations or terrorist groups, support for their actions, and the spread of their ideology with the same means."
In addition, this bill contains provisions relating to "monitoring sites and neutralization and e-mail messages related to terrorist activities, a mission that will be supported by the National Prevention and fight against crimes related to information technology and communication, and put the newly created body to the Minister of Justice, seals guard, "says one.
The bill that integrates Ordinance No. 66-156 of 8 June 1966 on the Penal Code, presented by the Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice, Tayeb Louh, who strengthens "the means at the disposal of our country to fight terrorism, including part of the will of the international community to combat this scourge, "notes the same source.
This desire of the international community is reflected in the resolution adopted September 24, 2014, by the United Nations Security Council, of "foreign fighters recruited by criminal networks that broadcast their ideologies through new information and communication technologies", it is still indicated.
Therefore, it is expected to bring the national legal framework, international commitments in the fight against terrorism and increase penalties against the phenomena of "foreign fighters", those Algerians in Algeria or those residents who go abroad to commit acts terrorist and subversive.
The text also criminalizes acts of funding and organization of moving operations out of state, recruiting on behalf of associations, organizations, groups or terrorist organizations or support of acts or activities or spread their ideology or any use ICT other means.
This new phenomenon of "foreign fighters" is often framed by criminal networks that broadcast their extremist ideology, including through new ICT.
The proposed amendments derive from the experience of Algeria in the fight against terrorism. "This experience is based on a comprehensive approach that combines political, legal and security".
Algeria has contributed to the efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorism. However, it is clear that in recent years the phenomenon has continued to grow in many parts of the world, especially due to internal and external factors that led to the destabilization of some states to conflict zones where people get rich from different countries to take part in the fighting taking place there.
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