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lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

Why Google don't cut the Internet to ISIS?

Risultati immagini per immagini relativi ai terroristi di isisThe web is often seen as a key tool for the ISIS (DAESH, in French) to indoctrinate young foreigners to finance its operations through cryptocurrency and exchange messages impossible to intercept. But because we do not we cut the Internet Daech? But is it really possible?
First, the terrorist organization is very active on the web, through blogs and social networks to recruit young foreigners. Secondly, the Islamic State of cryptocurrency uses to finance its operations.

One of the most important coin encryption is that it is open to criticism, at the request of one-third. Third, the fighters Daech use especially telegram messaging and other applications on Google Play that are removed shortly after their appearance, to communicate without being intercepted.

Why then Daech Internet access was not blocked? And is it really possible? If yes, who can?

In principle, the root servers thirteen DNS (Domain Name System) are managed by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Internet), which is an Internet-based California governor. ICANN is responsible for assigning Internet addresses to numeric websites and computer to bring them to web addresses for people to come into their browser.

And since ICANN has really enormous power, who controls the database ICANN could control throughout the Internet, according to the information is not secret and is very well detailed by The Guardian, the internet is actually controlled by 14 people 7 keys very real.

Disaster, these people who work for ICANN will rebuild or lock the database. Do not give control of the Internet to only one person, ICANN selected seven agents each have a key to control and another seven, or 14 people. Here a question arises, is that the United States or those 14 people are able to cut the Internet in a country or city?

The Americans refuse to Baghdad to cut Internet Daech

But even if it is impossible to cut Internet adventure outside, there is always the possibility of cutting the internet for terrorist groups from within, and it is the authorities of the country that can do it. And yet, the Iraqi government has made in 2014.

According to the foreign policy of the United States every two months, Baghdad had decided to cut Internet in areas occupied by Daech. But since it is impossible to cut the Internet just fighters Daech this initiative was quickly banished not to harm civilians living in the occupied areas.

An argument very widespread but very questionable is that the Sunni civilians might perceive as a binding measure against them by the Shiite government in Baghdad, and finally join Daech. It is because of this argument that the US authorities have forced Baghdad to restore the connection.

Another argument is, however, not stronger is that even in Raqqa, the "capital of Daech", there are several groups of activists who report on blogs or sites about what is happening in this city under siege by terrorists.

But what is the use of information from these occupied territories if the world is already well aware of the barbarity of Daech and that the spread of new cases will not bring back the victims and will not make the son and daughters killed in mourning mothers ? However, cutting the web to complicate life Daech fighters on specific territories and make it more difficult access to these territories to new followers.

Meanwhile, it remains to hackivistes group Anonymous hacked accounts that related to propaganda Daech on social networks.

But a source close to the investigation, anonymous hackers linked accounts propaganda Daech Sputnik said that in this war, even if useful, the battles are endless.

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